Monday, September 22, 2014

Cinco Time

So some of you had trouble with the videos from last Friday.  The links are here and here (in Chrome, I can see them on the website but I know some can't).  I'd say we were working to correct the problem, but I'd be lying because I have no idea why this happened.  (In fact, I'm just crossing my fingers any of this works).

Next, to answer the comments inquiring about the Chia seed pudding:  I'm here to say total game changer.  Everyone in my house thought it was delish.  I can see some people not liking the texture (if you have trouble with tapioca, it might be hard).  Supposedly you can hit it in the blender....

We made ours with skim milk, vanilla, and agave syrup...flavored like maple syrup (because apparently that is what I's not bad, but the pudding doesn't taste maple-y).  Also, the pudding does take a long time to firm up.  Charlotte and I tried it after a couple hours and it was edible (good) but still runny--sure enough, it got much thicker (still not quite as thick as standard pudding).  This could definitely answer a random ice cream craving for me, and in my house this stacks up as pretty healthy so we'll be eating it alot since it is painfully easy.  Here is an article on Chia's health benefits, and an article from WebMD saying the weight loss and heart health benefits are still unproven.  So don't think it's going to save you--it's just better than some Ben & Jerry's or Jello Pudding know, crap.

What else is going on?  Cinco de Molly is in execution mode.  After 2 (3?) years, it is finally time--I'm so happy Molly is totally excited about the theme. The room we are renting is...of an era. Mo almost had a meltdown when we went to walk through because she wanted it in the (adjacent) ballroom.

Besides the extra $200 room charge, I don't think that logistically I can decorate a space this big in a few hours.   I am excited about not having it in my house because no clean-up (before or after) and I'm not allowed to cook.  I can bring in stuff from a bakery, but otherwise the club is catering it.  (And just to keep expectations low--catering will involve a nacho bar, mini tacos, and fruit/veggie tray type stuff).  Plus, we are hiring Silly Safari's to do an animal show so I don't have to keep everyone entertained, either.  

So as I get knee deep in paper flowers and papel picado, here is a picture of what is going on in my you can see, there is a lot of tissue paper between our space and this tranny mess.

(printable masks here; party decor via amols; etsy cactus cookies, sugar skull cookies, and stamp set)


 ¡hasta luego!


  1. I am trying the pudding! Will let you know . Good for me and a good calorie choice. Christmas in July. The cookies are super cute. Not sure I have the skills but am trying them too.

  2. The pudding is really good! And so easy. This was a great find!