Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 9.19.14

You're welcome.  I won't try and explain what I was doing that led to this gem in my Google image  search results, but I hope these muscle-y mice bring you as much joy as they brought me.  

It's been a while since I did a house tour--here is an interesting place from Garden & Gun (photo gallery here)  I no longer subscribe to G&G since I have such trouble throwing mags away, but its was a great one.  When I fully embrace the e-reader I will resubscribe (and if you are in the South, it is a must read).

Let's counter that Bayou cottage with some clean lined goodness via Desire to Inspire (and if you are ever lonely for a house tour, always check desire to inspire).

Cup of Jo did a series on careers this week.  I liked the collection of career advice here.  And somehow through clicking around I saw that you can have your own Lean In Circle.  Like a book club.  There is a kit and stuff.  No idea how I missed this....

I don't think I mentioned Design Mom's trip to Sweden back in August.  No kids, I might add.  If you are thinking of going, or just have a general wanderlust, some nice info and pics.

Incase you are not up on decorative arts terminology, you can see Domaine Home's mirror vocab.

So, as some of you know, I love all things quantitative.  Probably because there is nothing quantitative in my job.  So while I was bummed to find out I should have been reading OKCupid's blog for the last five years, I am happy there is now a book:

This article introduced me to the world of Christian Rudder's analysis on human interactions, but the New Yorker also covered his new book (among others).  And yes, dudes of all ages find women who are 20 most attractive.

These shoes came up in my Pinterest feed, and I was like "those are awesome--click", but the link took me to  They are replacements for laces and I am pretty excited.  Because that is how lazy I am...excited to cross "tie shoes" off the to do list forever.  They are actually functional--you can arrange them to be tight (for doing athletic things in your athletic shoes) or loose (for street wear).  And they are way better than those curly telephone cord looking things (you remember those, right?).

And finally to videos...not much to share this week, but if you aren't subscribing to John Oliver (or watching him on HBO, rich bitch) you should be.  I liked this one on the wealth gap (its one for Chrome at 14 min) but through my inter web wanderings I found this video (4 min).

It is a sappy "its so hard to be a mom/moms are awesome" type video, done in the emotional Dove-ad way...BUT ITS IN JAPANESE!!!!  I don't know why I am so excited about that, but I am.  I think its just nice to see that pandering to emotions as the new corporate advertising (this is by Pampers Japan) and this soft, gray video style are not just American phenomenons.  It gave me a very "the world is flat" moment.  


  1. PS--updated with the Design Mom link (also here: Sorry!

  2. I loved the videos. I was laughing so loud at work most of my office watched the video....Must remember to close the door to give the illusion that I work hard. K