Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 9.11.14

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First, if you don't have the September Elle Decor and AD, get thee to a newstand.  I've been meaning to say that for weeks now--------soooooo good. Below are projects by Steven Gambrel (in Elle Decor) and Michael Smith (in AD)...and reasonable minds could differ on whether they were the high points or one of the other amazeballs features should be here.  

The only pic of the Steven Gambrel dining room I found online is below, but the print mag shows the cabinets as clearly pink.  The pink woodwork with the lacquer tomato table is making me totally rethink everything.  Or at least my kitchen reno.  And Natalie Massenet's kitchen is my new favorite kitchen.  But since its never going to happen at the current address, I found the other rooms more useful (Smith is really good, even if its not exactly my style).

I keep forgetting to mention Bright Lab, Jordan Ferney's new company.  The product is delightful, and the pics are styled well.  

The color combos can be totally customized.  

Of course, the biggest story on the interwebs about home/DIY blogging is Young House Love's sabbatical.  I did not see it coming, although it is true that they are only an occasional click for me these days.  Their DIY skills so surpass mine now, it doesn't make sense with limited hours in the day.  I'll never move my own wall...I was still wrapping my mind around  tiling my own backsplash.  (Also, if you read a lot of blogs you should read Get Off My Internets--it is like TMZ, but about the blogosphere.  I always forget it exists and then spend hours going back through it).  

Target.  Target has A LOT happening right now.  Another phase of Nate Berkus and the much anticipated launch of Tilton Fenwick for Target (online).  

Nate; Tilton Fenwick

I LUUUURRRRVE Tilton Fenwick.  But none of the prints are working in my house (they all seem super traditional but still not "safe", which is weird to me...) and I can't spend $600 on a Target settee (Editor's Note:  $50 bucks off right now).  

via Lucky Mag

Obviously, I'm excited about Altuzarra for Target coming Sept 14 even though I will likely be disappointed by (a) what makes it to my store (although will be carrying it) and (b) the fit of anything made by Target's factories.  Oh, and the slit kinda kills the work apropriateness of all of it.  (Also, incase you missed it, Target does weddings now too.  No comment).  

New products I think everyone should buy:  This bed from CB2 (so shiny) and this couch from Jonathan Adler (trapunto stitch!).   If someone doesn't buy this highly affordable and oh so shiny bed, I will feel like a failure as a missionary of awesome.  

JA's fabric choices are really limited, but if I had it to do over I might just design around something he offered.  The couches are tres affordable for a quality piece.  

Guess what is cool again?  For those who can't afford or don't want the new Apple watch, kick it old school.  

It's been a while since I have directed you to a Wiki Wormhole.  The Cola Page article was excellent, and the Discontinued Merit Badges is truly informative.  And you'll wake up from your conference call smarter and more refreshed.  Great job, internet!  Also, someone named Newt makes happy meals for grown-ups.

Are your tastes more mainstream when it comes to looking for a time suck?  T&C's top 50 bachelors is worth a read (I actually learned objectively good information, such as Obama's speech writer and a new venture called

photo via I Believe I Can Fry
I think I'm going to try Chia Pudding this weekend.  I'll be using this highly flexible recipe from I Believe I Can Fry, a food blog I found via HuffPost that happens to be written by someone from my high school dorm.  It's such a small internet!  Chia is supposed to be super food, so hopefully I can get over the whole frog egg appearance.  

Also, we'll be making our own stamps as part of some Cinco de Molly craft trials.  Less than 3 months to go............

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  1. Wish I needed a bed- the CB2 one is groovy - and loving the Peking sofa. It's saying "upholster me in peacock blue please..."

  2. I love the bed. The sofa could be my statement piece...

  3. Let us know how the Chia Pudding works. It sort of looks like okra....I am sure it is good for you. Just don't know if I could eat it.

  4. Oh, how I love Get Off My Internets! Such a time-suck, but absolutely worth it! There are some funny mo-fos on there! And added bonus: I always come away with new witty terminology to work into everyday conversation. Totally agree with the Target collaborations - I'm usually excited to buy the pieces (I totally buy into the hype), but just not as excited to wear them. Boo. Question - If you eat the chia pudding, do you grow a green beard or something? :)