Monday, September 1, 2014

Titanes Planetarios

You guys remember this awesome comic book, right?  Basically, its Adam Strange in Mexico.  I wanted it as the focal point in the nursery, so I made it big.

I ordered it from Poster Burner.  I've read millions of reviews, round-ups, etc. for photo printing...but I just found these guys by google search, and the price was right:  36"x54" is $60.99 and 48"x72" is $80.99.  I went with 54" with the idea that if it was quality I'd buy the 72" one because I had originally figured I'd spend at least $150 on the print.  In the end, I don't think I can go much bigger based on where the doors are....

How did I digitize?  I debated long and hard about taking it for a high res scan....and then I just put it on the deck and took a picture of it on a sunny day.  I cropped the deck and my feet off, upped the saturation a tiny bit, and hit buy.  I took the pic with my DSLR, so it is a big file size--however, the Poster Burner site says they will work with any size image and can resize/fix too small images so the print isn't grainy.

The poster is very "movie poster" feeling--thick, almost vinyl, and a little glossy (No, I can't do any better than this photo....think card stock thick but a vinyl material).  But I think that is good since I'd prefer not to go with a traditional frame.  It is "framed" with the Poster Hanger.  I wish I had thought about this before I ordered the print, because PosterBurner told me that the image size was better at 37" wide and I was like "you guys are awesome"...but then it was a little wider than the standard framing option.  This is the 40" poster hanger.

(this is probably the most accurate color-wise...the photos were a little dark and the quick "enhance" made them more saturated than the nursery really is.)

I like that the imperfections in the comic remain, like the water mark.

Only complaints--it wrinkles a little easier than anticipated.  I left it out on the dining room table and it got moved on top of something so there is a little wrinkle/divet.  Also, Poster Burner says that it is SUPER FAST...but it is just OK.  It took a little over a week with standard shipping.

So, the project was $30 for comic via ebay, $60 for the print and $20 for frame.  I sort of want giant comics everywhere, but I'm practicing restraint (I kinda really love vintage comic graphics...the crazier the better).  And 72" for $80?  Hang that baby landscape behind a sofa.  Now you just have to figure out what to blow up (since some of you might not love comics as much as I do).  Postcards, foreign currency, vintage playing cards...something awesome you wish was bigger. This guy takes pictures of pictures (in museums):


Or maybe a vacation photo?  Time to buy a wide angle lens.

Read on for Part 2.


  1. Wow- looks wonderful.
    K(I am not anonymous on purpose just seemed like an option....)

  2. Love the poster! Kudos. Makes you kind of want to cover every surface with something....i'm off to assess my vacation and botanical pics to see if any are worthy of a 72" print.