Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly devotional: 8.25.14

I was so excited to get a weekly devotional out on Friday, like the good old days...but I woke up on Friday SO SICK.  No really--no one in the history of the world has ever been as inconvenienced by a head cold as I currently am.  So insert insensitive Ebola comparison here, and then check out some internet goodness.  It keeps.
Vogue, Vogue, Vogue.  It loves Instagram, and I usually don't care about its pics for top fashion instagrams of the week since I know I'm not gonna be on it. had a handy list of the Best Florists to Follow on Instagram. Don't mind if I do.

But you know who I just started following on Instagram?  Geronimo Balloons.  They came up with the tassels attached to 3 foot balloon fad, but apparently they also do crazy balloon installations all over LA.  Like covert street art surprise installations--frankly, that is the best use of a trust fund I can imagine.  

Everyone loves a round-up, no?  And flush mounts are always tricky...necessary, but rarely interesting.

Making it Lovely

I was hunting for the link to the roundup above on Making it Lovely, and I saw some nice mood can find even more (this is the second set).  They are pitching 2 pottery barn chairs...which are frankly my least favorite things on the board.  (And she just went to Morocco).

Making it Lovely
Get ready to feel old--Troop Beverly Hills is 25 years old.  And to celebrate, Jezebel ranked every outfit Shelley Long wears in the film.  (You might save this one if you've got a painful conference call this week--definitely something you can concentrate over and yet so, so good).

I'm thinking I need to watch this movie again.

I might be at the point where I could use some houseplants.  Here is a great place to start.

I know that on paper houseplants can be a good styling item but I think they are easy to screw up, and usually my house is so messy they'd be lost in the clutter.  But since Henry's temporary nanny cleans my house everyday and apologizes for it, it is a good time to try them out.  I will miss her when she goes in November.

Do you feel like reading something?  This article in GQ about the Hermit of the North Pond was good.  Do you feel like watching something stupid?  Weird Al's video on Word Crimes (parodying Blurred Lines) will make you feel bad about your internet age sloppiness (blog reference--ouch, point taken).  I know--he is still alive and doing that stuff.  Who knew?  Do you want to know what the kids are watching?  Click below.  

Yeah, my 4 year old knows almost all the words to this thanks to constant radio play.  And yes, I feel a little bad about that.  But what is up with this aesthetic?  It's so peculiar--right?


  1. I loved the video- clearly I need to listen to the radio. The Shelley Long pics are amazing. I don't remember so many crazy outfits. Have to Netflix that one soon!

  2. 'best use of a trust fund I can imagine'. I love it.

  3. There are never enough balloons in everyday life so hats off to Geronimo. Plus the fact that they reference an Elton John song on the home page is hilarious. I have never seen the video. Very odd aesthetic - what are they going for? At first i didn't think it was the real singer but wikipedia confirmed. Catchy tune though - i understand why it's getting top 40 play