Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reader request: bed side pendants

The Church received a request to assist in sourcing pendants to hang over bedside tables in lieu of lamps.

At first the request stumped me, as I typically find myself trying to find more places for table lamps.  But I went online, as I always do, to find some nice examples that aren't all Trading Spaces-ish.  Desire to Inspire had a lovely round-up of inspiration based on a similar reader request:

And the new-to-me website Designlike had a roundup of bedside pendants as well.  

There are a gazillion pendants out there at places like and Shades of Light, and you can spend hours going through them all.  The most important thing is going to be scale (I'd tape some paper to the wall to visualize, if not hang something).  Next is going to be balance with the other elements (i.e., materials) in the room.  As those are not possible from my couch, I will turn a blind eye to such concerns and focus on what I do know:  we have this wallpaper as a focal wall and a low, platform bed (upholstered in a charcoal woven) with an overall vibe that is not super formal/traditional.  With table lamps, I would have wanted a shiny pop of color a la a glazed gourd lamp..maybe yellow, purple, emerald green....But if they are hanging from the ceiling I am leaning towards keeping it simple (or at least tonal).  So my top three are (drumroll):

Black drum shade (this one is here for $99)

I originally came up with a DUMP of pendants, and I thought that wasn't too helpful (especially b/c I'm still Mac illiterate and can't arrange them round-up style).  But since I don't know the end-goal, here are a few more pendants that might work.....

I think these glass globes have potential, and I think mercury glass could be delightful...

Variations on the drum shade theme are always nice.....although I'm getting a little tired of the chandelier inside the drum shade--am I being overly harsh?  Perhaps better phrasing is that it has its place, but it is not exciting.



Ikea comes through with a variety of punchy, modern pendants that are cheap...

The dark horse site was Land of Nod.  Lotsa cute pendants, including 2 in the top three.  I also never tire of the Plumen bulbs; I think you'd use 2 or three, no? [PS--google image search Plumen much goodness]

Also, if you want something crazy this etsy shop does custom pieces...I found these sort of intriguing, no?

OK churchmembers, what say you?  Did I miss something?  Anybody have any experience with the pendant bedside lamp (i.e., good for reading)?  Let's crowds ource this lighting answer.

Additional Reading for pendant seekers:


  1. Wow, I won't get anything done at work today. What fun. I do love Ikea but I had no idea what was out there. Will ponder....

  2. Loving the pendant options - wil size and let you know. Leaning toward the atom already actually so intrigued..
    BTW - the new desk is the WE green campaign. Great catalog this season.