Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 7.28.14

Let's talk food first, because I am such a sugar addict right now I'm a little concerned...but mostly I'm just going with it.  Naked cakes:  pro or con?

Grilled donuts, because why not.

And grilled donuts made me think of this recipe from an early Domino, which I can't find so I will paraphrase:  Sara Lee pound cake, sliced and buttered on both sides.  Grill in frying pan (like grilled cheese....).  Top with a dollop of lemon curd.  Best faking-it dessert ever.

A nice house tour on Coco Kelley...followed by another awesome house tour.

And while we are on a country house kick (you know, because of the last link), I enjoyed this nursery from Design Mom's Living with Kids series.

The house is not for me, but an approachable rustic vibe I respect.  Always nice to see some normal people, and not just the super wealthy.  But back to fantasy land:

Yes, yes and yes.  Did I mention I saw a ceramic leopard for sale?  At $600, I had to leave him in the deep south...for now.

This photo shoot was a little hard to take (because I'm old and crotchety), but I'm digging a long sleeved gold sequined wedding dress.  Food for thought, you know?

Which reminds me that Olivia Palermo got married.  Normally, she makes me wish I were tiny and rich and best friends with her.  But this was a big miss for me....I mean, over the years she has made  me see shorts in a different light, but shorts for your wedding?  With a lacy skirt?  It was just weird.  And his white suit...mmmm, I just hate white suits so I can't be objective.

This is old, but showed up in my Facebook feed this week:

a marching band in a moon-walking formation (click pic, or see the whole show here).  I have never been in band, but this seems fascinatingly complicated.  I can barely get all 5 of us out the door....

Time to get real.  Clearly, I don't have a lot of insight into inter web happenings when I'm only on my phone periodically instead of immersed in my normal diet of distractions.  I'm back to work next week, so hopefully that will cure itself but I need to ask:  what did I miss this summer?  I'm expecting big things in the comment field.


  1. I vote no on the naked cake. I can take minimal but just misses for me. The doughnuts are a shameful yes. Shorts at a wedding- yikes- I expected so much more.

  2. The band was amazing but the head guy had some really bad press recently...Really bad. I think there is a new guy.