Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Get out of my head

Going back to work has been tricky.  Not the most inspiring time, shall we say?  But I felt like a blog post was due--I assume that is how people who workout feel when their workout routine is interrupted.  So without further ado, here are some (perhaps half baked) things I've been thinking about posting.

Ikea Hack.....Docksta

Note:  this ain't  gonna blow you away.  But as a good citizen of the internet, I felt a responsibility to put this out there.  Because my google image search of Docksta hacks didn't include a Docksta repair......

This weekend, I attached a new table top to my Docksta.  I like the classic Ikea Docksta table, but the top did not hold up to my kids.  Within a year, there was a tear in the "foil" and the particleboard underneath swelled.  After a while, it looked dirty all the time.  Since I still can't afford a real Tulip Table, I bought a new tabletop here (check out their headboards, too). We used stain +Poly from Minwax, which I don't recommend, although a friend told me it might be that the wood is really paint grade (birch plywood).

You might note that at $134, a new top is almost as much as a new table ($199).  And you would be right, obviously.  But I wasn't ready to spend more than that and I wanted very specific dimensions--39", which is smaller than the Docksta.  So here is how it went down.

The Nursery...

This Miles Redd design was in my nursery folder...because I originally read the doors as dark green (are they teal?).  Anyhoo, I love citron + racingstripe green.  So I want to paint Henry's roller blinds that apple-y green....but with giant silver stars on them.

I'm thinking about ordering decals because--as you know--I have some hang-ups about stenciling.  So I'm researching acrylic medium, which turns any acrylic paint into fabric paint.  I've used the Martha Stewart version to paint tinkerbell's ballet shoes neon green.

This weekend I hope to gather supplies and implement over the next two weekends.


As head of this Church, it pains me to tell you that in my time of sleeplessness and despair I have all but abandoned catalogues.  The mountains of unopened mail...well, all but the bills and a few specials (Serena & Lilly, Dwell) were tossed. But that pre-internet love was rekindled by realizing I had been missing out on some major cheap lighting developments.  But now I have to research why a brass floor lamp in yesterday's West Elm catalogue is not online...in the meantime, here are some vintage inspired chandy's for those of us who lack the patience to ebay one under $500.



And this nursery post from Land of Nod was a wake-up call that I need to study their publications better:

I mean, that is a great floor lamp.  And campaign furniture?


Also, I think my living room may need some levity:

But since it definitely needs a rug and a coffee table, Abracadabra will have to wait. In the meantime, I'll be interviewing after-school nannies from care.com, researching for an post on cosplay (get excited...there is a purpose), and googling bubblepainting techniques.  


  1. I want the horsehead lamp from Jonathan Adler in this style.

  2. I feel so vindicated- a bunny lamp!

  3. The nursery just keeps getting better. Post progress pics!