Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome distractions, or your Weekly Devotional 6.10.14

My happy place (a private Coral Gables garden)
As I'm struggling through upholstery this week, here are a few internet gems I thought I'd pass along:

First off, get educated about the World Cup with John Oliver.  His show looks really good, btw...

Peppermint Bliss's nursery reveal.

And this wedding and rehearsal dinner.  Painfully good.

In my sleep depraved state, I had forgotten to discuss the Kip's Bay Showhouse.  Well, I talked to myself about it, but not with y'all.  I liked Alexa Hampton's space best...Chinese lanterns and redonk wallpaper--sign me up.

photo via curbed

photo via curbed
Currier and Company's room was interesting...I guess that is "marbelized paint" on the walls.

photo via curbed
And the Christopher Peacock closet/dressing room is a little piece of charming.

photo via NYT
 I studied Markham Roberts space, as a fellow inquiry into a whole lotta blue.

photo via curbed

See a full tour of the showhouse on Architectural Digest.  Or go see it in person.  Also--corner sinks:  pro or con?

In art news, there was a temporary installation in honor of D-Day that was visually interesting.

Have you seen Craft by World Market?  They are trying to get pre-orders for particular peices to be produced by craftsmen.  Its almost like a little kickstarter campaign, because there is a minimum order threshold before the item will be produced.

This started last month, apparently, and a lot of items didn't hit the threshold.  Like these awesome tables ($450).

This month is OK...they don't have many large items (since none made it last month).  I have my eye on this cutie:  a Vietnamese foo lion to play with my Chinese foos.

Need more distractions?  Buzzfeed clearly explains Scout Willis's motivation for walking around NYC topless (She explained it here. ),  here are the top 10 ways to give your kids a 1970s Summer, and (incase you missed it), here is a tumblr of guys with Zooey Deschanel's eyes.  It's kinda awesome.

PS--I went into the Burger Chef house (remember?) this weekend.  They were having a moving sale!  Nothing good, but I got to see the bowling alley....it was just as awesome as you would imagine it to be.


  1. You had to give me another reason to spend money at World Market. I both thumb my nose and send my sincere thanks. Truth be told I usually end up only purchasing scarves and earrings, but this might make me up my game.

  2. I think the World Market idea is genius. Love the corner sink. Wish that were my kitchen...in that house. That kitchen would not fit in my house but in my dream house- it is there.

  3. The D-day installation is so sad. Very effective but so sad.