Friday, June 6, 2014


Blogging is surprisingly difficult while holding a baby.  But I think that next week I'll have some good house progress to report (we are painting and purchasing right now).  I also hope to report that Henry sleeps more than 30 minutes in his crib/bassinet/carseat/anything-remotely-safe.   
I have a lot of low concentration reading time on my hands....
Besides compulsively searching for inspiration in periodicals, I packed up my maternity clothes and located my fat/nursing clothes, bought birth announcements and styled up a little family birthday party for Charlotte's 8th.  "Styled" is the post-pinterest term for putting out birthday shit for your kids just like you always did.  I used the party as an excuse to arrange flowers.

(ps--sparkler candles are the best)
I just wanted hot pink roses...OK, I wanted dark pink peonies but was willing to settle for grocery store roses.  And there wasn't any dark pink anything.  There were plenty of roses the week before and plenty now, but last weekend there was a run on flowers in this town other than white lilies...which were going to be difficult to fit into the pink, purple, and yellow color pallete pre-determined by our party stuff and target audience.  So I bought everything.  

Yeah, it looks a little like a clown threw up but I'm happy to try a new, more organic shape. PLUS, I got to tryout a trick I read about 5+ years ago....

Yep, fakes are hidden among $60+ of Fresh Market, Whole Foods, and Trade Joe's finest  last available floral offerings.  I also hid some carnations in the little light pink peony arrangements inside, and it worked amazingly well.  

(Sorry, this is the best pic we got at dinner...but it worked in person)
So if half your Fresh Market peonies looked haggard and partly dead after one day (I'm not bitter or anything, Fresh Market), you can fill in some holes with fully open carnations.


  1. i love the carnations and fake flowers to bulk up the bouquets. Even at the you-cut farms the Peonies are the top dollar beauty. I love the idea of extending them with carnations.

    1. Ahhh, a cut your own peony farm? I've not had the pleasure.

  2. Beautiful flowers. Such clever ideas.