Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Checking In

My extra hands have all left and work has come to a screeching halt.  I forgot to squeeze in a blog post before all the Henry holders departed, but I wanted to let you know that I am posting a bunch of iPhone pics (the polaroid "effect" is supposed to make up for the varying quality and lack of styling).  Right now I'm typing with Henry strapped in a Baby Bjorn, and it seems to be working....all you kids who aren't learning touch typing be warned--it comes in very handy when you can't see your hands.

What did we do?  We painted my bedroom light blue and made/upholstered the bed.  I'm working on a post with all the resources and my biting editorials.  The bed is not quite finished...I've decided it will look more polished with some piping along the top, and I'm researching nail head technique.  Also in the master, my secretary got delivered.

The bed was pretty much the last project we did.  Before that, we painted the nursery windows and rehung the roller shades.  Still waffling on painting the sashes.  The wicker elephant hamper got a new color, and we rearranged the room.

That ikat square is not photoshopped on, even though it kinda looks that way.  Its a contender for the slipcover....

Stained and poly'ed a tabletop and started a new Rast hack (spoiler: its gonna get legs).

Filled the empty containers on the front porch (now I just have to keep them alive....).  Rectangular planters are Ikea; pedestal and urn are from Garden Ridge.

And I got a new shower head--apparently that is an super easy thing to do (I was napping, so we'll have to take Walter's word for it).  The girls got their sandbox cleaned out and filled with fresh sand, and this one got a pair of Michael Kors jellies that she is oh so pleased with (read: I braved a trip to the mall with all three kids...and 2 brothers).

I'm off to clean for the cleaning lady, but I thought you might enjoy a few links.

Did you know that there is a Paraguayan football club (that's soccer team for the un-initiated) named after the US president Rutherford B. Hayes?  He is a national hero in Paraguay, and you can find out why through this WikiWormhole post on the Paraguayan War.  No really, you have time.  It's worth it, I promise.
Opinions on the Mara Hoffman - Anthro collaboration?  And while you are at it, Bhldn decor.  Because even if you aren't engaged, its worth perusing every now and then.

How cute is that envelope?  This tutorial won't really show you how to do it...because that just takes time and talent.  But it does have great examples (along with pointers) and tells you what pens to use for each effect--which is a goldmine of information.

Caitlin Wilson had the kitchen of the month recently, according to House Beautiful.  And Rue Magazine has a nice, short interview, and shows some tweaks.  The new bar stool covers are an improvement.

Keep this in mind for future discussions...can a small/tiny kitchen handle two different cabinet paint schemes, or is that the right of the well (square footage) endowed?

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