Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 5.2.14

I'm starting to pre-schedule posts, wishfully thinking that I might have this kid sooner or later.  So if you see something oddly formatted with few or no pictures, you'll know I got lucky.  Or sloppy, I suppose.

This website provides a way to look at time in different contexts--helps some with anxiety.  I found it educational, but this is definitely not my kind of anxiety or I am immune to it's powers.  Anyone feeling better?  A similarly simple website, provides names for your new, hipster bar, in case you don't want to feel like a speck of dirt today :)

The Onion's publication, AV Club, has a regular column called Wiki Wormhole devoted to random, distracting internet searches.  Pretty much my perfect cup of tea.

Elle Decor Sweden
Check out Coco + Kelley this week...a nice post about some new artists, and some good eye candy.  We all need a taxidermied peacock in our kitchen (btw--those things are a FORTUNE.  For reals).

In my ongoing coverage of the paper flower trend, check out this wedding.  It is making my current plans for a fairy party look like chump change--nothing like Pinterest and Martha to up the ante.  Since none of my kids want a fairy party, I have plenty of time figure out how they made those stems....

Design Mom used military surplus beds...I'm digging them.  Cute for a boys room, or maybe a lake house.....

See how someone renovated/decorated some dream real estate--a 1905 brownstone on the upper west side.

You can win some wall decals over at Young House Love...and not those super horrible decals--the ones that help you fake wallpaper.  I enjoy the gold dots towards the ceiling.  What do you think--decal, stencil, or free hand--what is least painful to execute?

PS:  It is showhouse season.  The one here in Indy is underwhelming as usual, but I always like to go.  Atlanta's Symphony Showhouse is getting good reviews (through May 18th, Southerners).

PPS:  A good round-up of Mother's Day Cards here.  Not exactly Hallmark.

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