Monday, April 28, 2014

A lost week and a white weekend

With no weekly devotional last week, I hope everyone spent some time on the internet contemplating what is happening now without me.  Where was I?  Mostly at doctor offices...for my regular check-up, then the next day after tripping and falling flat on my stomach (everyone's fine), then the next day to donate some pregnant breast tissue to the Komen Tissue Bank. It is a really cool organization if you are into science or cancer research--it happens to be the only repository in the world for normal breast tissue and matched serum, plasma and DNA (which is pretty key for breast cancer research). 

Besides that, I was desperately catching up on work and preparing for our weekend First Communion activities by arranging flowers, ironing, and telling people what to do while I stayed horizontal to deflate my horribly swollen ankles.

Awwwww.  I think Charlotte's choice of handkerchief linen was lovely...but OMG is linen hard to keep wrinkle-free.  Which literally did not occur to me until the dress got wrinkled just by trying it on.  So we didn't cling to the perfectly pressed look for long.

We did lots of spinning and jumping pictures per Charlotte's request.
I really love the shoes we got.   My friend in college worked in the children's shoe department at Nordstrom, and she said Elephantito is the best...and this is actually the first time I've splurged on them, and it was totally worth it.

So here were a few things I was going to post on Friday, had I not been desperately revising contracts on my couch:

This DIY made me wonder how the the time/money trade off worked out here...the lamp is made out of mat board.  Maybe if I'm looking to make a simpler lamp, or one that I can't buy.....And then it got followed up today with a DIY that involved powertools carving a stump.  If anyone attempts, let us know if you survive either.

This Ikea hack was a time investment, but it seemed a little more doable.  

Carpet by Faig Ahmed
My brother showed me pics of these rugs, and then it showed up in my pinterest feed thanks to Lauren Santo Domingo on my very next check-in.  The coincidence was too much not to coax a trip down an internet worm hole.  It is by Faig Ahmed, a relatively young artist in Baku, Azerbaijan.  
by Faig Ahmed
He does a lot of cool carpets as well as other installations and sculptures.  Some canny pinner has a board devoted to his work, or you can check out his website.  

Have you ever heard of Oil Pulling?  According to Design Mom, it's been working for her.  Any body try it?  Anybody not totally grossed out by swishing with oil?

via NPR
What else was happening in sunny Indianapolis?  Why, the NRA national convention.  Which the Guardian harshly covered along with our spiraling murder rate, and apparently Sarah Palin was here.  
Such a special lady. It seemed like she would have the soundbite of the weekend, only to be eclipsed by the racist rantings of the Clipper's owner.  

I don't like to end on negativity, so here is an adorable baby sloth in pajamas:

See you Fridayish, I hope.....


  1. Charlotte looked adorable! Such a pretty girl! Did you do the floral arrangement at the top? It is absolutely stunning.

    And on another topic, Sarah M. Dorsey. I am not sure if these projects are a cry for help with a meth addiction or a mean attempt at casting an inferiority complex upon us all. Either way, I am not taking DIY to the level of whittling my own table out of a stump. Nor will I spend an entire weekend crafting a lamp that will collapse upon the slightest of contact (no offense, Aleene). I'm thinking that whatever Robert Abbey is charging for the lamp is worth it.

    1. You know I have some experience with hydrangeas and roses :)

      I'm pretty sure I'd end up cutting off a finger tip with all that mat board cutting, which adds to the overall DIY costs :)

  2. Keep your feet up and stay off ladders..Beautiful pictures- the dress, the flowers, Charlotte! She looks great! Linen is the reason people invented synthetic fabrics- it is killer.

    The lamp is crazy! The chest is out of my league!

    Who knew you could get a sloth in pj's!

  3. Char's dress is pretty darn fab, the shoes are cute too. Classy stuff. I am also not whittling tables out of stumps, i think that sort of project is for another planet, and I'm a fan of diy.

    p.s. you can watch a video of said sloth getting a bath and pi's with his twin sister. It was on regular bedtime rotation out here: