Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby Brain

We are slowly making progress on the nursery.  It doesn't help that every time I go to do or buy something, I'm sure I should toss the whole plan (I actually thought about doing matte pale gray with white trim the other day.....).  WTF happened to nesting?  I missed it this go around.

But, we are proceeding as planned--because I made the plan before the fatigue got hold of my decision making powers.  
(On my monitor, these are still reading a little greener than the room really is....)
Still to do:
  • Hanging art
  • Take down shelves down, painting the window trim green and the sashes a matte black (I think)
  • Chair slipcover
  • Window solutions that aren't snow white
  • Add shelves to closet (terrifying!)
When I'm stressed about the glossy green, I just look at the closet--I really love the wallpaper (wish I could have just hit the whole nursery with it....).  The Million Dollar Baby changing table is not great quality (well, same as you might see at a Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us nursery section, but if this came from Land of Nod I would be livid).  It should last a few years, and for 300, I don't really care.  I'm thinking gold knobs and detailing....

Should I paint the changing table top a different color?

While I contemplate my choice of high gloss paint, let's check out some of the amaze-balls, first-world, totally indulgent decor/toys that are currently on the market, as styling can really make a nursery.

1.  Teepees


2.  The giant stuffed animal 

Elle Decor, via 

via pinterest
3.  Modern design icons


4.  Tiny instruments


5.  Chic Ride-ons



In a 10x10 room, we can't have it all.  So the question for you is:   What to buy?  

Giant stuffed animals / B&W Teepee / Native American Teepee / Schoenhut piano / Eames Elephant / Little Ghost Chair / Rocking Polar Bear / Schoenhut Drum Set / One-seater Mercedes / Airplane Pedal Car (current model)


  1. I'm LOVING the green, and I'm loving how you went full-fledged on the trim and doors. Oh, and the wall paper! I adore it all!

    BTW - My vote is for the giant stuffed animal in the nursery. The rest of the options should go in the playroom. I mean, it's only good parenting to introduce your children to Eames and Starck at an early age. :)

  2. My vote is for giant stuffed animal. It's soft and no one will get hurt should they fall on it in a burst of enthusiasm etc. The giraffe is a good combo - it's got the cool Serengeti vibe and it's face is serene. The wall paper looks great and as a life long fan of the color green all i can say is well done.