Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weekly devotional: 5.8.14

First off, I need some help with my ebay watchlist--are these awesome or meh?
Cuban political poster on Nixon:

Johnson political poster re: withdrawing from presidential race

I see the Nixon poster in more of a bachelor pad, but I'm willing to hoard it until my brothers let me decorate.  And while a huge fan of the Great Society, I love that how cryptic the second one is with all that negative space and a tiny little Johnson driving a bug....Anyhoo--discuss.

I have a serious case of grass is always greener syndrome (a condition common is glass half empty people).  When I was expecting girls, I kept seeing cute boy stuff.  Now, I keep seeing cute girl stuff, specifically birth anouncements:
via Oh So Beautiful Paper
Strawberries = adorable vintage.

via Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes gave us a taste of J. Mendel's 2015 bridal collection.  I looooooove J. Mendel's evening dresses--its definitely a label on my "when I'm thin and rich" list.  The wedding dresses are chic and modern.  If you aren't familiar with the brand, check out Vogue's coverage of the RTW shows.  And I can not forget the designer, Gilles Mendel's, NYC apartment in Elle Decor.  Much like Reed Krakoff (formerly of Coach) upholstering his Jansen dining chairs in actual crocodile hides, design is different when you have significant industry connections to fur providers.

via Elle Decor
For those who favor less fur and lucite (or simply don't have time to properly train the cleaning staff to handle such materials), check out this charming beach house.
via Desire to Inspire
Blogs are great, because no one has the ability to read EVERY shelter magazine...I know I would have missed this amazeballs Tilton Fenwick project featured in New York Cottages and Garden.  Yeah, that is a real magazine.
via House of Turquoise
via Design-Crisis

And of course this was the end of the 6 week challenge.  Erin's bathroom (above) turned out pretty awesome.  And Bijou and Boehme is worth a look, especially those who also liked KWID's marble floors at the Viceroy Miami I blogged about.  Best piece of intel--you need to pay to have them laser cut to actually split 12x12 tiles into triangles (and apparently there were still some issues).  And the English Room gets a nod for reminding me how much I love this Lulu DK fabric.
(it has nursery potential, am I right?)

Some enterprising child put together a year of the Duchess of Cambridge's hats.  Tumblr makes me feel really old....
And start planning your pilgrimage to NYC--Monday's Costume Institute Gala marked the opening of the Charles James retrospective.  I became obsessed with James after seeing some of his dresses at an exhibit at the Chicago Historical Society and have purchased a few books.

Cecil Beaton photo...available on the Conde Nast print shop
(More) Red carpet fashion recaps herehere and here.  But seriously, check out the guns on Anna Wintour:

Whoa, there.


  1. Rei, i thought of you when i saw this post on FB. Paper flowers on steroids!!!!

  2. I love the posters- the Nixon is so sinister and the Johnson so funny. I would put them both up.
    I don't want to sit on animal hides. I can't maintain my current upholstery. That sort of investment requires staff, not to mention they must give off bad vibes.
    I love Charles James. I would feel like I stepped out of an Edith Wharton novel- before tragedy strikes-if I ever put on on.
    Good LUCK today!