Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 4.17.14

So, yeah, its Easter this weekend (and Greek Easter).  Still undecided on what your egg treatment?  Google it.  Or, you can go to this round-up of 50 egg-dying options.  It gets a little crafty (read, not all dye).  I like this round-up on Curbly.  If I stop at a store before Saturday, I might grab some rubber cement:

More effective than the old wax crayon, no?  And, if you can drink this Sunday, try a peep-tini for me.  I'll be cooking my Peeps into s'mores for the lowest prep Easter dessert ever.  And apparently Pinterest is pretty goy, because I couldn't find any awesome Passover craftiness to balance out this post--my apologies (but there are some good looking Passover recipes, fyi).

Kate Moss's new line for Topshop opens April 30.  You can read about it here and here.  And you can buy it via Topshop, Nordstroms and Net-a-Porter.  


Coachella.  I guess it happened (and will happen this weekend too?).  It makes me feel old.  But I like MFAMB's editorial coverage.

via Cup of Jo

And in the spirit of Coachella...OK, not really, is a California house tour that to me, is quintessential California.  Is that just me?  Is the impression age specific?  I want to know.

And for my piece of random, have you heard the fallout over the NYT's Style piece on European soccer?  I enjoyed this article about it, which gives you some key quotes.

Go Spurs.  


  1. Wow- the eggs are inspiring. I will have to try the s'mores. I understand they come with flavors these days- don't know how I feel about that.
    Happy Egg coloring!

  2. That NYT's article and the backlash are hilarious. My guess is that if any of those intellectuals new to following soccer/football saw true "footie" fans in the throes of supporting their club, like in the UK or on the continent, they would do a 180 and seek out something else...maybe squash? (it's international). Happy Bunny Day to all and go Peeps!