Monday, April 21, 2014


This is an important topic, so get ready for some introspection. The media keeps telling me Birkenstocks are back, and a full year after I should be wearing Celine's Spring 2013 collection....I'm starting to agree.

I tried to be a first wave adopter and ordered a pair last summer/fall in anticipation of the Portugal trip (in the Madrid style) but returned them because it looked so foreign and wide on my feet.  Also, it made me think my sister is right and that I have weirdly long toes.
via WhoWhatWear

But, Pinterest and fashion blogs keep repeating "they're back" and if I wait too long they will turn into UGGs (you can't be a late adopter of Uggs...personal pride, people).  All the pictures on my Pinterest feed are of skinny, 20 yr olds in super tight jeans and Equipment shirts rocking some Arizona's.  How petite must you be to wear wide, ugly shoes in a fashionable way? (Come one, college girls--help an old lady out).  Manrepeller has covered the topic, which tells me you should be "manrepeller" thin...which I am not.  I wear exactly no clothing that would ever be covered on Manrepeller.

(Honestly, I still have trouble with the whole giant blazer with pushed up sleeves trend).

After determining that I hate white Birkenstocks, I jumped over to Babble, who presented 6 celebrity moms rocking Birkenstocks for me to consider.  
via Babble

Yeah, right.  If I looked like Heidi Klum, I wouldn't need to ponder these things because I would float through life 6 inches above the ground while my boobs distracted everyone from what was on my feet.  At best, I can pretend I fall into the (old) Brooke Shields category.

via Babble

Not too bad.  But in reality, I'm pretty sure I would be closer to Amy Poehler.

via Babble

Paparazzi are rough.  Really Babble?  Why did this make the roundup--a cautionary tale?  

I think I've settled that I can't handle the Arizona, Madrid, or Gizeh--at least not right off the bat (I live in ballet flats, so the contrast is too high and it gives me high school flashbacks).  But I am sorta digging these seen on Sea of Shoes.  And yes, she is maybe 20 (probably younger).

via Sea of Shoes

Are you an adopter?  Or, honestly, did you never give them up?  Should I wait until I have deflated a bit post-baby, or rock them while I'm still rather large?

'Mayari" at Nordstrom

PS:  Now that you have some comfortable walking shoes, its always good to check out a new way to see NYC and I thought Habitually Chic's short list was a nice option.  (Although it was sponsored by Chico's, which I generally boycott for convincing people that wearing tents makes them look thinner and chicer).


  1. I independently decided to fork out the money for Biks just this weekend and now I will be fashionable- there is a God. They are the most comfortable shoes. I think the Mayari will be great for you now and post baby. I would avoid white but that's just me.

  2. I like the ones the Olsen twin (i never know which is which) is wearing and the one you highlighted. I agree - no white. Black or brown would be most multi-functional. I've never worn them (my feet appear to grow two sizes when i put them on - longer and wider) but i know a lot of people who swear by them so happy Birk wearing. I will stick to Camper (to feel Euro and funky) and Clarkes (which i know is uncool but some are OK and the price is right).

  3. I know I'm late to the table, but i have never stopped being a fan of Birks. They will always be wardrobe classics to me, but then again I'm not exactly fashion forward :)