Monday, April 14, 2014


Dudes, I am barely cogent today, and I cannot seem to get a coherent thought together.  So here is a brief selection of dressers that consumed much of last week.

I was surprised by a last minute search for a dresser, of the 3-drawer chest variety. My planned changing table did not work out.  So what did I find?  This beauty:

via RH Baby & Child
Seriously, I want to be a Restoration Hardware baby or child (if you are comfortable spending over $1000, they have some nice options most grown-ups would enjoy).  But at $1300 on clearance, it was deemed too expensive for this nursery.  So I found this:
via West Elm

Which I was not as excited about, but on paper it will be an excellent foil to the Ralph Lauren paper constellation paper that was purchased last week, and my two tone crib and traditional chair.  I had pretty much made up my mind when I realized my math skills weren't working--shipping and taxes took it from $594 to $750, which is a lot considering that it is a tiny bit smaller than I want, and will probably need another $124 on a changing table top (they feel more secure, you know?).  So I found this:

A little research told me that the brand, Million Dollar Baby, manufactures the Jenny Lind furniture for Land of Nod which made me feel better about the quality.  With an extra 10% off today, it rings up at $311 delivered.  

As of press time, no purchase has been made.  But I'm feeling like the cheapest option (of the above) will prevail after dinner tonight.  New knobs, and possible putting this brass sheeting on the changing top makes the pill easier to swallow.  

So, perhaps I could have titled this post "How dreams go to die."  But since I will be cutting a sizable check to the IRS tomorrow (yes, I'll be talking to someone about withholding and why it didn't work this year), I keep telling myself to be prudent.  But, if you are getting a refund this year, check out this round-up of  beauriful dressers on the Smitten Studio:

via Smitten Studio

Once the dresser bridge is crossed, I can focus on dying eggs and getting my backyard looking like this:  

No, I have learned nothing from being overly ambitious and constantly knocked back down to size. 

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  1. The West Elm one winds up being $750?!?! Go with $311 and get a little crazy with the hardware. You, Little Baby Kimmerling (LBK - ha!), and the rest of the Kimmerling fam will be much more likely to live happily ever after with that selection, particularly if you are aren't 100% with WE.

    Funny, the withholding thing didn't work so well in our household this year, either. Lovely spring time kick in the balls.