Sunday, January 7, 2018


Anybody out there?  Yes, it's been a very long time.  A little awkward even.  I think about the blog a lot--like, I should really do a post on X--all the time.  But instead I sleep.  Or worse, I sit on the couch scrolling through my phone and then I realize its 11pm and I need to go to sleep.  So I do.  

Where did we leave off?  Me moving across the country.  I think cross-country moves are difficult, but I think downsizing is more difficult.  The combination is quite trying.  We have 6 people living in 1500 sq ft.  It doesn't help with blogging.  Nor does it help with sanity.  There is less to clean but the mess is more overwhelming.  And it seems impossible to do anything without making a mess. 

Like when we had to make Halloween costumes this year.  We made Molly's wings using this tutorial, and it was pretty much accurate.  We used a heavier fabric (a stretchy metallic lycra, to match the leotard).

(early notes to architect)

We are pretty close to finding a contractor to put our planned addition on the back of our house.  So hopefully I'll be blogging about that, soon.  We have the architectural plans pretty much done, and are down to a couple contractors who are in the budget, at least on viewing the project.  It has taken a very long time...I thought we'd be wrapping up construction now, so yeah....

We did throw some parties prior to departing Indianapolis, and we've even thrown one party here in FL--albeit a smaller one.  So I'm working on those posts now as well.  But I've been working on my ballooning game...I highly recommend watching the Poppies for Grace instructional videos.  So, so easy and no special tools required.  

What am I scrolling on my phone for hours?  Well, sometimes just Pinterest, but I'm also obsessed with Palm Beach real estate.  I think its important to know where you would spend your Power Ball winnings, just in case.  Many of the million dollar properties are whomp whomp, but every once in a while you find someone with good taste AND money, and its such a pleasure. 

How am I finding the time now?  I am home with a broken ankle, and my kids are at the beach.  It is too cold for swimming, but they are shelling.  Molly is sure that this is the next phase of our Sparkly Cans.  And while I was skeptical, these showed up on 1stdibs for just under $1K

To me, the question is whether we strive to keep it strictly found shells, or do we supplement with a few orders from China (or our local souvenir shop)?


  1. Loved seeing this pop up in my email this morning. Happy New Years and cheers for getting back on the blog horse!

  2. So nice to see the blog today- I check from time to time!
    Looking forward to more!