Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Surprise, I live in Florida now.

Yeah, so there was a sort-of good reason for the radio silence.  Turns out selling our house, buying a house, commuting out of state every other week and finally moving a family of 5 across the country really, really, sucks.

Obviously, there is a lot to discuss.  Like the fact that my new address is on the Dixie Highway.  And Circa Who is a walk away, next to my new cupcake place.  And the fact that I am renovating a 1953 mid-century house.  And I renovated my old kitchen prior to selling the Indy house.  And I threw 2 birthday parties.  And then I took 3 children to Paris for a week at the end of March and there was a more recent Montreal/Quebec City summer vacation.  A lot to keep going, let alone blog about considering I don't have my shit together on a good day.

But let's talk about the Indy house, because like it or not that project is over.  And it was just the best house ever (i.e., WPB is expensive).  I really wanted to have shelter-mag style photos taken, but I didn't really have time and wasn't really cool spending the money since I did not consider it "finished" or even close.  Compromises had to be made for listing purposes. But I do have some real estate photos, and as much as they are your standard wide-angle photos that highlight the floors we all make fun of, they are the only house tour we've got. 

Living room .  They really wanted me to repaint it gray, but I refused.  Kevin and I decided that if you came in that living room, you could tell that it could be a great room even if blue walls aren't your thing.  Plus that couch, chairs and mirror weren't going to look good with gray.  I wanted to cover the red coffee table with black python auto vinyl, but it didn't happen.  Well, really I wanted to commission a custom table from my trusty wood worker/labor lawyer Chuck.  Oh, and don't get me started on the fact that no one fixed my pillows on the striped couch.  I had a call during the photos and FREAKED when they came in.  We had to reshoot the kitchen b/c all the papers and magnets were left on the fridge.  But the house sold anyway, so I guess I won't kill anyone.  

I wanted to do a crazier cushion in the dining room, besides my grand plans for the drapes, but I didn't want to deplete my hoard of La Fiorentina just to leave it behind.  If you live in Indy, I got a cushion/slipcover lady for you.  Just convo me for digits.  

We'll talk about this later.  

Henry's room....I never loved the green.  It had it's moments, but just wasn't optimal.  So this gray was in the works for a while, to be paired with a ceiling wallpapered to match his closet/changing nook.  Obvs I'm not wallpapering a ceiling right before I list my house.  I love that paper so much that I took it with me to paper his ceiling in the new house (hopefully that happens in the next 3 years).  That rug is Ikea and I love it.  Very soft and plush, 8x10 ish.  

Ah, the girls room.  We were forced to finish the canopy bunk bed because I didn't want to take down the hardware that we installed in the ceiling a year ago.  A special thanks to churchmember Stacia for sewing the panels.  The valance and the inner valance each took me a full morning/half day.  That chartreuse dresser was going to be the end of me...it was supposed to be neon yellow but neon spray paint is not furniture quality.  Probably for the best, since that might have photographed odd.  (Odder?)

While I didn't have a full photo documentary done of the house, I did schedule family photos in the house.  While we talked a long time about a full on Wes Anderson styled shoot (so we could have a corresponding yet totally different Wes Anderson styled shoot in FL), I did not have time to style it and get by-in from the kids (although my fav Design Crisis literally did just that as part of her kitchen reveal--so check it out).  I was travelling and got in at midnight before the shoot....it was overcast, started raining during the outdoor shots and Henry was in a very bad mood BUT my trusty photog at Lumatic Imagery seriously delivered.  Having lived through it, I have no idea how there are any shots of all of us or any of Henry.  

Yes, Henry is eating a giant sparkly lollipop as a bribe to be in the shot.  Sailor dresses from H&M.  Henry is in Janie & Jack + crewcuts (at 3 times $$).


  1. God I adore you & yourn. Somehow this looks absolutely like a Wes Anderson shoot. Bravo. I love these pix. Can't wait to see some shots of the new digs.

  2. I love it! What a great idea!

  3. The house looks great - so glad you fit the shoot in. Sorry you did not get to enjoy the kitchen more!