Friday, February 3, 2017


The main thing I checked out at the Kitchen & Bath Show was Tile.  I am longing to shop for tile.  And more tile.

There were a ton of Chinese companies there, adding legitimacy to my almost purchase of brass mermaid tile off of Alibaba years ago.  Honestly, the quality was really nice.  Stone and glass mosaics.

My major find was Barbie Kennedy.  A small booth by the back, the designer (Kate, not Barbie) has all the mosaics waterjet cut in Central Florida.

Designs are scalable, so you can size up or down (custom) based on the application.  The mosaics use a variety of stones, wood mirror and metal, and her new line incorporates agate.  No agate on her website yet, so this is as good a photo as you'll get.

This is my new favorite wood floor (with that agate hexagon mosaic on top as my new backsplash/bathroom tile of choice).

Walk Zenger is Walker Zenger.  Fabulous.  And Ann was all so lovely, just as you would expect.  I was, however, happy to see this in person as I've been trying to imagine it.

While the tile is lovely, I was not a fan of the pattern w/seams--so close, but not quite loving the grout interruptions.  Reasonable minds could differ.  These two are remaining on my daydream list:

I talked to the guy from Merola tile (operating under several trade names, including SomerTile), which is supplying Home Depot with all of its cement tile knock-offs.  The guy said that porcelain tile might run you $8/sqft vs $40 for cement.  And you have to reseal cement on the regular--maintenance is not my forte so cement tile may go in the same basket as soapstone and carrerra marble....nice for other people.

They had a ton of patterns in both ceramic and porcelain.  This is my new fave front porch tile.

I'm pushing tile for outdoor spaces (you'll need porcelain tile or cement tiles).  I've been looking at Moroccan courtyards and decided that pavers are sad and overrated.  But if you are doing pavers, do these guys:

Tumbling block 4EVA.

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