Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kitchen & Bath Show

So I accidently found myself at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Orlando earlier this month.  I was there for the International Builder's Show, which focuses on residential new construction.   I was just there, supportin' the business and all in my branded attire.  No one even mentioned that the shows were joint--each exhibit hall was split roughly in half, with builders on one side and kitchen&bath on the other.

First highlight was definitely SMEG.  I mean, SMEG.  I'm not even sure I had seen one in person (I'm racking my brain...maybe its all shelter mags?)...and by "one" I mean adorable European fridge.  I was happy to see the expanded size, for people who don't walk to the market everyday to see what inspires them.  And they make small appliances and stoves, also in adorable enamelled colors.  Not pictured were some high-tech, stainless fridge + stove set-ups.  Apparently SMEG runs the gammut.

The only other appliance news was Suzanne Kasler's licensed colors for La Cornue.  They are pretty, and she has excellent taste, but this seems a little hokey for a $20K stove.   Otherwise, fancy appliances are just that--fancy.  So, so fancy.....

Faucets at Kohler showing all their finishes was lovely marketing.  Lots of big names were offering colored faucets (and kitchen sinks).  Everyone was pushing a black finish.

A lot of kitchen sinks had these sliding work spaces--the sinks were enormous, and had cutting boards and colanders incorporated/drop-in.  I remember the first time I saw one of these on Divine Design (so that should say something) and I was pretty skeptical....but I think the designs have improved.  Also, as one rep mentioned, its much more efficient use of linear space--if you can chop at your sink, you don't need separate prep counterspace.  Somewhere near the fancy sinks I saw the Property Brothers, but was so exhausted I wasn't going to fight for a selfie.  Plus 90% of my selfies have crazy-eye, so there is a good chance I'd have to delete it anyway.  But I didn't really take a great pic of the sinks as I was distracted by the debate.

Carla Aston has some good coverage of the sinks here.

The other technology that was cool and I have, like, no pictures of is the high performance ceramics.  They look more like stone (or concrete, if that is your jam) than any quartz I've ever seen.  They are so strong and heat resistant, you can have your induction cooktop built into/under your counters.  So it looks like you have no range, but that pot on your counter is boiling water.  And before you're all like "that's dangerous", remember that induction only works when the pot is touching the surface and only heats the pot...so accidental burns are unlikely/impossible.   Or so the charming Italian man told me.  Major downside--seams.  They max at 8ft or so.  Not that I have more than 8 ft of continuous countertop but you know.....

Sorry for the bad pic, but I have a point:  The hardware is extra "tall" so there is more space between the handle and the door....resulting in less contact between your dirty hand and the cabinets.  And if you saw my painted cabinets right now, you would know why this matters....so gross around all the handles.  Oil is a dirt magnet.

Some beautiful marble from Italy....in trend with the busy stone/deco vibe people are tagging.

And random good ideas.....these floating shelf brackets.  Genius--available in custom sizes from  www.shelfology.com, which is where the photos are from 'cause mine aren't great.  Superstrong, welded brackets.  And they are selling kits (i.e., with the wood ready to go) soon.

And blackboard and whiteboard surfaces from Formica.

Stay tuned for tile!

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