Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  I've had this image forever (from a tumblr link that is no longer good) but it's never relevant, so I thought I'd pretend it perfectly summed up my attitude about 2017.

Did everyone have a good holiday?  My company shuts down for the week so it is a very nice break.  Sadly, I did not plan my break very well and spent the first two days in a post-hosting stupor, then had 1 productive day, then got some flu/cold thing for the remainder and desperately regretted not doing anything Monday and Tuesday.  I did see LaLaLand, which was excellent, but grand plans of organizing the basement, sewing curtains, finishing the dollhouse we started last December, and finally moving this blog over to SquareSpace.....not even started.

But there were small victories.  We cleaned up the Christmas mess and I have a 2017 planner.

 (mine is green), from Mochi Things

I organized my batteries in a tackle-box like thing which warrants mentioning only because it makes me ridiculously happy.  We made a restaurant emergency kit because Henry is in a difficult dining phase.  I'm mentally prepared to do the Goop Cleanse in 2 weeks.

I'm starting a new "100 goals for 1000 days" list.  I lost the last one I made but it was good priority check, and I love the time period--low pressure.  I also fixed my Mac (finally) and tested my new Silhouette machine.  So ring-a-ding-ding....

Stay warm!

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  1. I love 100 goals for 1000 days. Keeps me directed if not focused.
    Or maybe lets me be a slacker.
    I will ponder.