Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's cooking?

Now is the time when people start thinking about wearing bathing suits.  And that always makes me sad and craving baked goods.  

We made Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.  They were AMAZING!  I used the recipe over on Domestic Diliettante which uses a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough.  No way I'm going to slow down this shame spiral by making cookie dough from scratch.  

We used double stuffed Oreos because I feel strongly that regular ones are only intended for making pie crusts.  Ours were uglier than Bakerella's photo above (hence no photos)...they oozed into one giant mass with Oreo lumps but no one in my house complained.  You are going to want to eat these warm--this is not a make ahead dessert, but it takes under 30 minutes start to finish so it isn't a problem.  If you don't want half a box of Oreos around afterwards, buy the little boxes at CVS or Walgreens.  

(these crappy tile counters are all mine)

We also made Milk Bar's cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies (this occurred 2 weeks apart, I promise).  So good I can't handle it.  I've been planning on purchasing the Milk Bar Cookbook and making crack pie, but I haven't gotten around to it.  Imagine my delight when I saw that they are selling mixes at Target.  And you have to add all the shortening (in the form of melted butter), so they aren't as chemical laden as the first recipe.  Again, mine were ugly but that is mostly because I almost burnt them.  And yes, I got some rude comments on that.  But they were so amazing I am getting hungry writing this.

Next garbage dessert on the list is coconut rice krispie treats.  I'm thinking coconut will totally improve an already delicious melted marshmallow (ps, the store bought ones almost made me forget how amazing homemade ones are...worth it).   

We only do dessert on the weekend, so don't worry too much about my kids' teeth.  Also, on the quasi-healthy front, Charlotte is making these Energy Balls on the weekend to snack on (all that ballet, you know).  Satisfies a sugar craving without making you want more of them (i.e., they are the molecular opposite of Samoas).  I will be suggesting Agave Necter instead of Honey, but generally speaking they are good--I grab 2 for breakfast on occasion as I always wake up wanting brownies or ice cream and, you know, I shouldn't eat those  I only keep dessert around on the weekend.  

Since we are talking about baking, it's time I introduce you to my favorite Instagram feed, iambaker.  She blogs over here, and has a book on surprise cakes.  She doesn't make things from mixes.  But she does post glamour shots of baked goods and pithy comments on being chubby.  So here are some things to brighten your workday while you go follow her.  (Molly is in awe of her piping skills.)


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  2. I understand sugar cream pie is an Indiana thing. Kind of like crack pie from Momofuko, but a little creamier, meltier. I have made sugar cream pie several times and loved it. See However, I am lazy and buy frozen pie crust.