Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Devotional: 2.15.16

Let's start with some home tours.

A gorgeious townhouse in Brooklyn via Lonny.

Michelle from Domino and Lonny moved to Michigan.  I have no idea why--it wasn't answered in the article.  But her home is lovely. Via House Beautiful.  

And Naomi Watt's Home on Domaine.  And Liev Schrieber lives there too.  

Moving from inspiration to improvement.

The best pink paint colors, according to Vogue.

Maybe its time to add a fireplace?  Here are the 9 best.

And floor outlets.  I highly recommend them.  Remodelista has some options if you have ugly ones like me, or if you need to add some outlets on the floor so you can float your furniture and not be tied to the wall.

Did you ever wonder when those weird holidays are?  Here is a source and you can color it in.

And for the non-sequitur:  I thoroughly enjoyed this video, and the rest of the series, on how to sew a tutu.  I'd love to tell you that I was looking for a way to save on Charlotte's spiraling ballet costs, but actually I was dreaming up a psychotically accurate Swan Lake Halloween costume for a future October....but the video's are fun, and taught me that tutu making is an art not likely to be mastered by me.

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  1. i knew tutus were a lot of work but had no idea just how much...that video was bit mesmorizing