Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let's catch up, shall we?

Sorry for the silence.  Work has been crazy, glueing sequins on things takes time, and then there was some other stuff.....

I went to beautiful Red Bank, NJ for a baby shower.  It was super scenic, a little tony, and Bon Jovi lives there.  

I was excited to see this china in action--I've been contemplating its purchase for some time.  Wouldn't it look super festive with a red table cloth for x-mas?   Half the salad plates crashed to the floor tonight in a small kitchen accident--how convenient.  

This shower involved a ferry trip into NYC, for lunch and some spa-ing at Bliss.  So naturally I ran down to Laduree for macaroons.  And jam--their quince confit was amazing.  And the optional box is adorable.  

And then I went to Flair while we were waiting for an uber.  It was just as good as I had anticipated.  This was the first new friend I made:

Overused driftwood/branchy lamp?  Nope--'cause there is a snake on my branch.  Bam.  Then there were a pair of these hanging:

TONS of good table lamps, objets, and a pretty sweet chair (I pulled these pics off the website).

Let's talk about this crazy ostrich.  It appears to be bronze, and the body is an ostrich egg.  Yeah, it screams crazy, but in the very best way.  $1850, incase you have been a good boy/girl this year.

I didn't die on the ferry.  A real plus.  You can have a perfectly lovely trip, but when you die on it that is all anyone remembers.  

Then Walter came to make me soup.  And cook dinner while he was here.  And take my kids to the park.  An excellent houseguest, really.  My freezer is now stocked with soup and stews.  I'm trying to get him to write down some recipes so I can post them--we had pumpkin soup tonight (made with a  Kabocha, a Japanese pumpkin) and it was delish.  


  1. Yaaaay! The shower made the blog! You should totally go for the dishes; Susan ordered them this week as well.

    PS - We wish we had an Uncle Walter in our family!

    1. Naturally :) We'll have to make them the official dishes of The Church.

  2. Agreed on the plates...and we missed the artist exhibit at Flair! Oh well just another reason to take a trip to the city.

    1. There is something annoyingly extravagant about painting on top of python skin, right? But if it is some Everglades pythons, I guess they have some to spare.

      You bought the plates already? Impressive ;)

  3. Looks like a lovely trip. You do get the most out of an outing! I love the picture of the kids and Walt!