Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 8.16.15

via Harpers Bazaar

Wake up!  Let's start Monday off with some art:

I'm digging the elaborate sets of photographer Aaron Ruell.  AT has a nice roundup.

I really do like Sally King Benedict's faces, and am still annoyed I missed the pop up shop on Furbish.  Her latest show at the  Hidell Brooks gallery in Charlotte looks good.

mixed media on linen panels in acrylic box
43 x 48 inches
If you are struggling to afford the above, you can fill a wall with paint chips while you save your pennies.


You only get to do this on one wall, so if you are still bored check out the freebies on Mr. Printables.

Keeping with the DIY theme for a while.....a template for addressing envelopes caught my eye.  

If you own a saw, try this modern bench.

via DIYCandy

BH&G has a bunch of projects to take you through the end of nice weather, but this was my fav.  If you want a work-out, you could just grab a mitre box.  

via Better Homes & Gardens

There is an entire ROUNDUP of crocheted cactus.  Say what?  So pick out your fav and hit some waiting rooms, carpool lines, etc.

Remember how I like quilting?  Schiaperelli Fall 2015 is wearing it.  (Can you imagine the Pinterest Fails that will occur if we jump in and try to DIY this?)


Finishing a vacation makes me want to plan my next, and chilling in the Bahamas with swimming pigs might be on the list.

You've got a few more weeks to grab a bottle of White Girl Rose.


Huffington Post's roundup of things that need a poached egg on them (now) is delicious.  Confession:  I can't poach an egg.  I should work on that.  

Don't forget to be awesome this week!


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  1. Swimming Pigs! Who knew! Vacation destination for sure.