Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lottery Winnings: Inlaid Furniture

I really want some inlaid casegoods--Syrian inlaid furniture or Anglo-Indian (antique).  I like to hunt around to see if I could import some wholesale.  (I mean, I'd really like to keep my bedside table to $500 or less.)  



Martyn Lawrence Bullard via

Then I realized that was just rude.  I want someone to kill a tree (or two) and spend weeks worth of labor placing pieces of mother-of-pearl and camel bone into complicated patterns pieced with the veneer.  For almost free.  



While I'm a free trade girl (Go Maroons!), I'm realizing that I must accept that I may never own a decent inlaid piece, even a little one.  Because some things you just can't get on the cheap.

Side tables in Elle Decor.

Chairs via tumblr (now I can't find the source)

Anthro, Wisteria, and others offer almost real stuff.  I prefer the pearl/bone in wood look--I'm pretty sure they are pushing the bone pieces into soft lacquer for the new pieces.  

(Although this new one from Anthro does seem inlaid...but I prefer a more traditional pattern).  

Incidently, pushing material into soft lacquer is how they made inlaidVictorian furniture (it comes from Japaning)--


those paper-mache chairs were coated in black lacquer. then cut pieces of mother of pearl and/or abalone was pushed in when the lacquer was still soft.  This seems a little toxic, and not made for inexpensive trial and error.  (Side note--I want to revive paper-mache furniture.  Seems like it could be "green", no?  Just need a heated press and a couple million worth of molds.....)

But there are the stencils.....

via Little Green Notebook

So I'm currently focusing my energy on finding some cheap furniture I can try this on.  And less time wishing I could find some piece on the cheap....since it would mean someone was paid $.03/hour and I would still pay a grand to get it here.    I've got a stack of 8"-10" wood squares to practice on.....

Thoughts?  Is this the home decor equivalent of F-Uggs, or a decent stand-in?  Here is a Veranda slide show and an Elle Decor slideshow if you need more pics.

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