Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 2.9.15

I had one of those weekends where I'm not sure what I did.  But that happens sometimes.  Everyone is fed, Girl Scout cookies were delivered, and I think the household is mildly prepared for me not being here for half this week so I suppose some work transpired.  

And thanks to the girl's new obsession with MeTV's Saturday night lineup, I'm starting to appreciate that Linda Carter was a total fox.   While the ideals of feminine beauty haven't changed much in the last 100 years, it is still funny how dated her figure looks compared to stars today--not to mention the starry granny panties and nylons.  That said, if I magically woke up with that figure tomorrow I wouldn't complain.  

via Lonny
New Fabric, batik style.  Le sigh.  And of course it is a cute adorable family who randomly started this and splits their time between the US and SE Asian batik centers.  Available through Studio Four, who launched its new Wallpaper collaborations this weekend.

This apartment in Milan is good eye candy.  From Architectural Digest.  There are less crazy rooms, but I really love this :)

For any DIY, I think its important to ask yourself "why?"  and really examine the final product.  So I pass on this round-up of 221 upcycling projects with a warning:  just because you can doesn't mean you should.  It is an exhaustive look and captures the last few years, so you can catch-up quickly.  Upcycling is getting a little over-used these days.

Side note:  Pinterest, like all religions, has some bad parts along with the good.  I fear that one of these darker parts of Pinterest may be the excessive pallette upcycling projects.  Who the hell has palettes lying around on a regular basis?  I'm not even sure where to get them.  Also, I don't know if it is really upcycling then you tear them completely apart and use it like cheap lumber.

Super handy infographics.  Well, the serving size stuff is useful--not sure you need a full info-graphic on the ready for icing colors unless you have a more festive lifestyle than I do.

I wanted to pass on two awesome finds that Tara left in the comments last week:  Mr. Finch's textile art.   Its making me rethink my obsession with paper and also "where can I put one of these?" So crazy.

Also, this one is pretty handy because I'm looking for a knife block.  Also the perfect gift for your favorite chef or foodie. Oh, but you have to make it.

via Instructables

Finally, there is a new campaign to kill the K-cup.  Apparently they are saving marriages but killing the planet.  I'm cool with the company's plan to make all K cups recyclable by 2020, but I'll feel guiltier in the morning.  A marketing group even made a little movie about Kcups coming back to attack us.  


  1. Who can get 22 servings of cake from an 8 inch round? Clearly some insight into my expanding waist line. Portion control is clearly not in my skill set.....

  2. Wonder Woman was so cool. Before spandex it was hard to be hot. That is an invention that changed the world.
    I am with you on the DIY- I am so guilty of DIY wtf projects. I have to talk myself off the wall- the world does not need another decorated light switch cover...