Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 5.23.14

The popular vote on nursery accessories went to the giant stuffed animal.  These people are doing it well; the whole slideshow of "inspiring children's rooms" on is good stuff.  

I haven't picked up AD this month, but this home makes me think I need a hard copy.  That's right folks:  quilts done well.  Tricky tricky.

Incase some of you didn't see Tara's comment on the last devotional--check out these paper flowers:

And speaking of crafts, does anybody want to crochet these for me?  The pattern is free.....

Molly and I like to snuggle up in bed and watch Youtube videos on my phone.  Modern quality time.  I subscribe to the PostModern Jukebox channel, and I am currently enjoying their Saturday Morning Slowjams.  Duck Tails anyone?  

I should note that Molly doesn't have the nostalgia for these that I do, and recommends their arrangement of Burn.

We are going back in time....I just haven't been trolling the interwebs like normal yet, but I have been perusing pictures of beautiful things.  How?  Books!  Thanks to my birthday a few weeks ago, I stocked up on picture books.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion: ...well you know I'm obsessed and worried I'll miss the Met exhibit.  This is the companion book to said exhibit.  A dense read, but tons of eye candy.  

I bought George Stacey and the Creation of American Chic immediately upon reading Mrs. Blanding's review of it.  I haven't started this one yet, but the pictures look like it will be a worthwhile investment.  

One Man's Folly is good stuff.  Anyone named Furlow Gatewood is going to be choice, and so far the text is interesting.  This sums it up (from another Mrs. Blandings review, coincidentally):  "Mr. Gatewood lives as I aspire to live: sure of his taste, comfortable in his skin and with a steady flow of creativity."  Not a ton of "oohh, I'm gonna copy this" ideas, but if you like home books its a good one.  Furlow was John Rosselli's partner (NY antique's dealer), and has built house after house using architectural salvage he purchased at auction.  On his property...fully decorated...and uninhabited.  I love how crazy that is.  

Spruce's upholstery book has some choice eye candy.  The instructions are step-by-step, which makes something like a wing chair look COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING.  I think I'd take another class that covered tying springs rather than just rely on a book, but helpful tips all the same (like how to sew a box cushion).  Plus, its cheap.  

On the subject of coffee table books, Charlotte got this one for Christmas. From me.
Win-win.  I’ve now read it cover to cover (she's looked at the pictures...).  Besides an interesting primer in modern British History (it starts with Queen Adelaide), the most fascinating points were (1) how convertable all the jewelry was (e.g., tiaras that turned into necklaces, which have pieces that could break off into pins or earrings) and (2) how they all recycled their jewelry all the time…a few tiaras that didn’t make it will make you cry.  

Alright folks, tell me what I missed on the internet this week.  Besides the cat that rescued the kid from the dog attack.  

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