Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm alive

Wow--apparently I did have baby brain, since I scheduled the mother's day post for the wrong week.  Takes some of the wind out of what I was sure was the best MD card ever.

I made some progress on the nursery, first by hacking down the plywood shelves over the windows (which only revealed more problems....) and by adding a baby.

 Henry adores his wallpaper, as he would any high contrast pattern at his only clear focal length.  And he is generally amused by the mid-construction state of the room.

I'm still messing around with paint (more on that later), but I thought we could look at some other green...
Julia Rothman wallpaper via Hygge & West
Per reader request, I've been sourcing a kelly green bordered duvet.  Bordered duvets are popular, and often pretty preppy so I figured kelly green (like the birds above) would be an easy find.....but not so much.  But after trolling all my internet go-to sites for bedding, I thought I'd pass along my sources for border duvet sets.  

Any sources I'm missing?  [Note:  It occurred to me right before posting that Matouk also has great bordered sets, but at over $1000 for a duvet I don't normally go there...much like I don't seriously look at Leontine or Bellalino...just longingly, from a distance].  Of the catalog options above, the only kelly green is from Biscuit (Peppermint Bliss's home company, which has really great prints, too).  PB Teen seems to have discontinued its kelly green border, but does have a lot of other options in that shade (I never tire of polka dots).  

[Sidenote:  I just now found out that "catalog" is more appropriate in American English...not sure why I've always used the British "catalogue"....thanks, Internet]

And while these shops do not have border duvets, I also love Dwell Studio, LuluDK, Garnet Hill, India Hicks, Anthropologie and West Elm for bedding.  Caveat--I love looking at their bedding.  I haven't ordered bedding from any of them.  

bedding (clockwise from top left): WestElm /  GarnetHill / DwellStudio / PBTeen

The Reverend Mother always says when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.  What other avenues can we go down to find a duvet to put into the gray and green aviary?

And since it is 3:13am, and I'm quoting musicals, I will sign-off.


  1. Love the pics of Henry! Can't wait to meet him! Still loving the green and accompanying fabulousness of the nursery!

    Also, for those fortunate enough to be ordering their bedding from Biscuit, today is the last day for the online discount. 20% off with "biscuit20" at checkout.

  2. PS - The "Reverend Mother" title rocks.

  3. Henry looks like he is enjoying things!
    I love the birds...I think they are crazy but calm. I frequently miss calm with my crazy. Good mix.

  4. Glad to see Henry already has an appreciation of design. And re; Garnet Hill - I have purchased bedding from them and have been happy with it. There stuff holds up :-)