Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekly devotional: 3.20.14

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Have I been under a rock, or has this been a dry week on the internet?  Maybe we're all so focused on Crimea, Syria and the missing plane people forgot to post funny and visually interesting things. But the internet is huge, and never disappoints if you dig deep enough.

Desire to Inspire had particularly good eye candy this week.  Not least of which was this home.

How rich do you have to be to have a townhouse in London and think "I really need a modern glass addition on the back to make better use of my garden"?  I think it might the level that is a winning powerball ticket away for me.

Speaking of all the awesome things money can buy, this wedding at the Breakers was lovely.

Equally wealthy but decidedly less showy was this wedding in London (I'm digging that dress--Gucci).

Karlie Kloss's apartment, decorated by Nate Berkus is worth a peek.

I go to the baby doctor all the time these days and once there, I get to fill out questionnaires.  They got some new forms, and this week one of the questions was whether I was less concerned with my appearance...and it was clear (by the numbers next to each multiple choice answer) that saying "yes" gave you more points on the crazy scale. Hmmm....what is this questionnaire signalling?  I would have said if I didn't care less, I'd really go crazy...tired, fat, swollen ankles (the final blow)...its survival mode around here, people.  I've been holding onto this map--it's on my post-baby get-your-shit-together list--and figured I'd share it for all of you who don't need 12 hours of sleep every day, or if you do, haven't let that dampen your vanity.
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Contouring--does anybody do it?  I don't think I'll ever do it everyday, but maybe for events.  Blog post has links to recommended products, btw.

You know I love a good table lamp.  I've been obsessed with this Mary MacDonald lamp for some time. And when this popped up on my pinterest feed from Shades of Light I got really excited...
lamp+ lamp= lamp

But, as would make sense, when the $374 lamp and the $1,940 lamp combine, it doesn't result in a bargain.  But, its available in a variety of colors for $449 from Shades of Light if you are feeling spendy.  Lacquered lamp shades are the best.

If you are already thinking about spring, you might be interested in this


Gardening for dummies...the kit includes EVERYTHING!  Made for city kids (you can stick it on a patio), I actually think this is exactly what I need.

What are you up to this weekend.  More cleaning and aspiring to paint for me (including trying out some auto spraypaint!).  

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  1. I love lamps. The lacquered shades are wonderful. I like the Mary MacDonald best. This whole mother depression thing must be getting traction. I have always thought of it as a few suffers with the rest of us just TIRED and not able to catch our breath on stairs. Being fat was nothing compared to the fatigue. It was disappointing not wearing rings anymore and not being able to fit in my shoes and my lower back ached- there are so many more problems than the fat part. Interesting that even comes up.