Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Green Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day, death to the Orangemen and all that.  But I'm still thinking about British racing stripe green.

via Coco + Kelley
When I posted about the difficulty of finding the perfect green, Sarah left a comment reminding me that a picture is worth 1000 words.  So what was I going for?  I'm not normally a "green person" started b/c I wanted to use the yellow zebra wallpaper in the changing nook/closet...and I wanted something besides gray to go with the yellow. 

Clockwise from top right:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

And then I got all crazy English men's club with tooled leather panels for the crib and plaid/tartan drapes.....and then I started to realize that I have no energy and 9 8 wks left and I started not feeling all the work and money it was going to take to create this crazy, Heirloom Modern nursery. 

Then I saw my existing crib reconstructed and Audrey's dope craft project....I started to shift back towards making a room that, while crazy, is more in tune with the rest of the house and less of a "set".  Sets are fun, but I bore of them quickly.  And this kid is stuck more bedrooms available.  

sources in text below.
  • So, it all started when I somehow found myself surfing vintage Adam Strange comics on ebay (I am wracking my brain but I have NO IDEA how or why I was looking)...I love old comic book graphics, and I would like to get my cover blown up into an enormous poster.  This particular one (issue #53 of the American comic) is quite the collector's edition...but interestingly the Mexican version is reasonably affordable.  And the pictured one above is (slowly) being shipped to my house from Argentina as we speak.  And I mean slowly :(
  • Next, keeping with a colorful modern vibe is Audrey's mobile (also pictured, the Themis mobile to the left) created from minieco templates.  
  • (We are sticking with green for the would be so nice if they were shiny, not sure its in the from Elle Decor, found here).  
  • Of course, I'm contemplating some zany prints from Society 6 (astronaut and shark + giraffe).  The Tottenham Hotspurs sign is from ebay...mostly b/c I've nicknamed the fetus "Hotspur" now that I've tired of telling people I'm naming him after LBJ (as in LBK).
  • I like the Dwell fabric for the midcentury feel, but I think it would be nice to cut this midcentury-atomic-space-vibe with something a little organic and ethnic...hence the ikat and mudcloth.  I need loads of fabric for floor to ceiling drapes, and then some more to slipcover the roll arm club chair.  Crib linens are another matter....
  • (And that is my old Dwell Studio for Target crib in walnut and white, no longer available).

So what about wallpaper?  I'm sure a gambling man would say this ain't happening.  But I'm still planning to hang wallpaper in the closet-turned-changing-nook, and what better first time wallpapering experience than a 4' square with no windows?  Except that I'll have to hang wallpaper liner first (there is a quick patch job to the already amateur drywall).  Both of the below options will be easier than the zebras--smaller repeat, neither need to be trimmed, and the Cole & Sons is paste-on-wall method (much, much easier).  
                 Cole & Sons Hicks Hexagon                              Ralph Lauren Northern Hemisphere (glow-in-the-dark)

But the game time decision (and I think we all agree it is game time) will involve balancing the most cost effective combination of drapes, slipcover and wallpaper. 

Option #1:  Dwell Drapery

Option #2:  Ikat drapery
Option 3:  Hicks wallpaper and drapes matching wall color....
Samples continue to arrive....feel free to weigh in, especially while you are seeing green.  



  1. I love the zebras but the stars are solid. I think that will be great in the changing nook. I vote for option one. The comic book will be fun. Do you need a new crib?

    1. Your last question reveals that you are Mom--no, sticking it out with the old crib. So uncharacteristic of me :)

  2. I was looking at the prints- so cute - and saw that you can get pillows in the print. That might be fun also.

  3. 1. Thanks for the shout out!
    2. I am in total agreement with Unknown commenter #1 above. I love me some Scala zebras, but the stars take it to badass level. Option #1 is fantastic!
    3. The Astronaut print is a must.
    4. The shiny green walls are a must. The thought of that comic book graphic in poster size on shiny walls...oh girl!

    1. I'm glad people are digging the stars..I've been looking for a place to put glow in the dark wallpaper for a while :) We'll try shiny, but I'm probably dragging you down to 4121. Shiny orange peel texture would not be good....splurge for the shiny, self-leveling cabinet paint?

  4. I LOVE the comic graphic. It ads just enough whimsy without being painfully whimsical. The stars in the changing nook are definitely up my alley. I think the color is fun- and i am also glad you're not going full english gentleman.

    1. What? No hunting prints for you? :) I'll do a post on actually getting it blown-up....I'm sensing its not as easy as that old Blueprint magazine made it seem.

  5. I know i'm late for voting but for what it's worth Option 2 !

    1. Every vote counts :) Plus, Option 2 fabric is $8/yd vs. #1's $19/yd...waiting to see how much the curtain ladies say I need...