Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 2.6.14

My Favorite and My Best also had a pretty creamy bedroom post this week.  Check it for more neutral inspiration:

Here is a great roundup of spool chairs, from Chinoiserie Chic:

And to further validate my theory that party planning naturally leads to interior design, check out some work by uber wedding planner Tara Guerard's interiors arm:
via Style Me Pretty

CocoCozy found this Hampton's bedroom tour.  I'm not going to lie--I just can't commit to printed grasscloth.  And I don't know why.  But this room is a pleasant example, and further proof I'm being irrational:


What, it's Valentine's Day soon?  Good thing Audrey tipped me off to Crankbunny.  I'll be checking them for all sorts of good cards year round--I really like their articulated cards:

And 11 Emotionally Repressed Valentines for British People are charming (and you can rip them off):

Last year, this post  on Design Sponge made me go a little crazy for vintage valentines.

Moving on, this tutorial is huge:

It is the best I've seen on the topic.  Note, if you have valuable scarves, note that they aren't supposed to touch the acrylic and should be able to breath.  Which is one reason framing is so expensive (my Hermes scarves came in between $400 and $500 a pop to frame, which is why they are waiting patiently...they have to be hand-sewn to the muslin wrapped backing).

Also on framing, I thought this eBay store had good prices on giant frames.  I plan to grab one for the giant ice cream cone.

Do you need some custom stationary?  Lucky-Luxe is killing. it.  Boxed Notecards (first pic below) are available to tide you over if custom isn't in the budget.  

Spring is in the air.  Do you follow Mrs. Lillien?  You really should...she writes in rhyme, for Christ's sake.

There is a baby Jesus factory?  I would totally take a Mr. Rogers-style tour of that.

And on a funny note, I've been keeping screen shots of some of the click-bait articles I see at the bottom of legit articles (Huffington Post is the worst offender, but CNN isn't much better).  My top choices this week:


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  1. I love the Valentines! Last posts pasta was great.