Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 2.20.14

In a random coincidence, Desire to Inspire featured a Miami beach house (I'm pretty sure its out of my price range) with  expensive, neutral interiors here.  And my covetted Ibis Lamps.

You want to get all crafty?  For only $1600 you can craft with the best in beautiful NYC (seriously, Matthew Robbins will teach you about flowers and Lotta Jansdotter will teach you about printing....) courtesy of The Makerie.  A fun but indulgent long weekend.

Grant Show from Melrose Place got married.  And his wedding was weirdly cool and low key....

I really, really want a reason to put up a tent frame and hang it with disco balls....

This Ikea kitchen remodel on Remodelista is looking good.

The kitchen is using SemiHandmade, which I had mentioned a while ago.  It looks like they will provide doors and panels for almost any ikea product now (well, casegoods and cabinets obvs), but their website (new) is having a few issues as of writing.  But you can call them if you aren't feeling lazy like me.

But the Remodelista article led me to the discovery of Superfront door fronts.  Another game changer....when they start shipping to the US.

Superfront does doors for PAX, BESTA and the kitchen cabinets...and has these crazy design options in colored lacquer.
Brass kickplate, anyone?

Superfronts is making me think of replacing the Ikea PS lockers under my TV with a BESTA upgraded with black laquer fish scales (although I'm almost positive the measurements were less desirable, or we'd probably have a BESTA now.....).  And that brass kickplate option?  Killing it.  Wonder how long I'll have to wait....Anybody ever used a freight forwarder for personal consumption?  I assume it is super expensive....

PS--If you are lucky enough to be redoing a kitchen, Kokeena is a SemiHandmade competitor.  

The Land of Nod has this super cute bunny stuff ready for Easter.
via Land of Nod

Although be warned that the pictured excess will cost you dearly....full party set is $74, and this looks like a lot more stuff than that.....But the Cake Plate with those bunnies is adorbs.

Don't have a Dry Bar close by?  Handy tips on blowing your hair out at Cup of Jo.  Apparently, splurging on a blow dryer is important...the one recommended is around $100.

And randomly, did you know that Eddie Bauer still exists?  And someone just bought them for $825 Million?

via Private Equity Law360

I haven't run the numbers, but as a consumer I would say "poor strategic decision" is a huge understatement.


  1. FYI - I have a ridiculously expensive hair dryer, and my hair never looks like that. I think it's the entire glam squad that I'm missing. But on the bright side, it's good to know that I at least have the potential to score that blow out.

    1. I still think having an extra pair of hands is irreplaceable. Or arms that don't get super tired holding a blow-dryer over my head....

  2. The Ibis lamps are calling...KO

    1. Too bad my bank account isn't listening :)

  3. ikea inspiration! I'm just amazed by the customize options. Also, the disco balls! Now I need to host a summer party.

  4. We need to get friendly with someone who has a CNC machine...hack it up custom :)