Monday, February 24, 2014


So, I realized last Monday's photos actually photo'd the wrong Robert Kaufman Velvet...I pulled both, and didn't notice that the one closest to the wall color had been moved when I went to take pictures.

So, not as teal...a slightly darker, less jewel tone version of my wall.  I signed up for a photography class to learn my DSLR, so maybe I'll have crisp, clear, color accurate photos soon.  Maybe.

Tonight has been a struggle with Olioboard...and I am left $8.99 poorer and unimpressed.  It is great for mock-ups from scratch and inspiration boards, but doing a mock-up of an existing space....I think I just better learn photoshop.  Oh, and buy it.  Sounds like a good project for maternity leave, and more doable than my other plans which range from experimenting with gold leaf to organizing magazines to planning 12 months worth of dinners.

Here is the fruit of my labor (actually, the first few room mockups were so laughable I didn't save them and went for colorswatches).  Yes, that is as large a jpg as Olioboard will save apparently...

I actually don't hate any of the combinations.  Am I missing something?  (ps--Kat the slipcover lady will have the final say).  The rug will stay for now, and be replaced with something pretty neutral and/or modern.

Btw--the green sofa is Crate & Barrel's Rochelle Sofa, and at $2500 is very reasoanble and $1000-$1500 more than this slipcover is going to cost I really should ignore it and stop doing things like adding it to the board.  But there are a lot of things I should stop doing, like eating candy and day dreaming about beach houses I can decorate.

I've got to get some work done, sadly.  And help my kid with the most involved school project ever (2nd grade is too early for a Junior Acheivement style product development, don't you think?).  So, while this post was short and semi-sweet at best, try this cover which made me super happy this weekend.

Part of me totally wants to be that lady.

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