Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Party Post: Valentine's Day Bash

So, I almost feel like the teaser gave most of you a pretty good idea of what occurred.  But if you like details and crazy little girls, read on. 

The party really started with these invites from Atkinson Drive on Etsy,
(yeah, the screen shot is blurry)

which we backed in mirrored cardstock and shipped out with black envelopes.  And I even made wrap labels (albeit at the last they were not quite perfect but my activities went relatively undetected at the office so I'm calling a W).

So my favorite part, the desserts and styling, were based on the invites.  We installed Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

While I'd like to think the girls appreciate, at least on some level, the color coordinated treats, it was really the cra-zy makeover component that they enjoyed.  Pretty & Posh Parties had a very nice setup, and definitely made the living room feel festive (which I barely touched, save the photo backdrop and the mantel decorations).  And they definitely knew how to handle little kids--they were really great with the girls...who all thought they looked fabulous by the end.

During the makeovers, there was some light crafting and a fair amount of magazine flipping. 

After hair, makeup and nails were done, the girls picked out their dresses and it was fashion show time. 
Then, a very serious set of karaoke accompanied by less serious dancing.
That all took about 2 hours, and Pretty & Posh Parties packed up and headed out...and I was left with 9 little girls.  Dinner time.

(This was the hail mary after ALL THE DAMN FLOWERS DIED)

The menu was a choice of pizza or chicken fingers, followed by the dessert buffet.

Yep, the cake is striped.  I like to be thorough.

Which took absolutely no time at all.  Seriously, it was all I could do to stretch eating into 30 minutes.  The rest of the time was spent in a crazy, blurry, dance party.

The girls seemed to like it, and Charlotte and Molly have been discussing when they can have another Pretty & Posh party, so that is a good sign.  My house is about 50% back together, mostly due to the fact that I was impatiently hanging decorations alone and resorted to brad nails when my specially ordered Scotch party adhesive failed me (I'm 100% committed to 3M....never again, Scotch, never again).  So I'll be spackling this weekend while I put the rest of the serving dishes away.

Other sources:
Linens:  A Classic
Lanterns, fringe garland & striped straws:  Ebay
Other decorations:  Party City, The Empty Vase (tissue honeycomb decorations)
Vegan Cupcakes (under cake):  The Flying Cupcake
All other treats:  Trader Joes, Wal-Mart
Sunglasses:  Party City
Heart mardi gras beads & mirrored silver paper:  Target
Mint Julep Cups on
Platters are all Crate & Barrel


  1. Love the stripes to accent the red and pink. The polka dot chairs are always fab.

  2. WOW, absolutely great. So nice to see happy children dancing! I think the buffet is beautiful abut those happy faces make me smile.

    1. Its a good age--not too self conscious to dance and sing, and quite sure they look fabulous. I'm pretty sure we'd all be happier with that mindset :)

  3. Looks like an amazing impressed!