Friday, November 8, 2013

Why didn't I come up with

Sorry, the header is a total non sequitur. 

I am 2 wks away from Molly’s b-day party, 3 wks away from Thanksgiving, 7 wks away from Christmas, and 27 wks away from having a baby.  Surprise!  Mass email is my preferred means of communication for all important issues, although I’m sure we’ll have a proper paper announcement once the bundle of joy is violently expelled from my body  arrives. 

The constant nausea has really been cramping my get-shit-done abilities, which I think we all agree are starting at a severe handicap.  However, I did finish painting the main floor powder room (a project which started 2yrs and 1wk ago when I decided to pull the wallpaper off the wall one Friday night) AND, I did schedule an electrician to come and put a box in my living room.  But let’s just talk about this last project for a moment, shall we?

(skip down to avoid boring rant)

Electrician 1, whom I love and is reasonable but not cheap, came over months ago.  He told me he just really hated putting new boxes in when there were plaster walls b/c it was so messy and he doesn’t even patch so really if I wouldn’t be mad at him he’d have to pass on the job.  Wow…this guy works on old houses too.  I want 2 fans on the front porch, and Electrician 1 told me to have it done at the same time because it would likely be the same holes.  He did the random other job I had and left. 

So I call Electrician 2, who says he specializes in rewiring old houses on Angie’s List.  He starts with the porch and tells me if we come in through the living room then we can’t cover the wires to the boxes (so they are covered in conduit, which is attached to ceiling…you’ve seen it before).  I said I knew that and was fine with it.   He looked some more….and then said, if I was going to use conduit he didn’t want the job.  He just didn’t want his name on it….the proper way, would be to have a carpenter come out and carefully remove some of the tongue and groove ceiling paneling and come up from the front porch light.  [angry pause]……………………… Seriously?  Well, that just shot my minor porch improvement out of the budget, so I told him to do the living room only.  Which will still cost a cool $631 (precise quote, eh?), but I’m a little annoyed still.  If you couldn’t tell. 

On the 18th I will have light, which means I can properly assess whether the 17 yds of blue velvet I bought are truly not worth having made into a slip cover (just look too dusty…not jewel tone enough to match the wall). 

So, what happened this week?  
Not much that I know of…seemed pretty quiet, especially if you tune out all the bitching about   I did enjoy this tirade on “selfies” 

And this visual of a battle between a Presbyterian church and a catholic church on the afterlife of dogs 

Did you know you can make your own memes?  That seems contrary to the definition of a meme, but I’m happy to have an easy source for high res pics of The Most Interesting Man of the World

Spices up the powerpoint, now doesn’t it?

Also, the Nate Berkus for Target line keeps churning out good stuff.   I like to wait for clearance, but there are some new peices I’m digging: 

And from the same article, hopefully we all know that if we see these chairs in a thrift store we should immediately buy them: 
(via Domino)

I love braaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssss

Oooo, there is one DIY (found while trolling for turkey day ideas) worth passing on (likely be easiest for people near the beach) :  Top piece of info from this DIY:  food safe topcoat does exist.  Game changer. 

Peace out.

PS:  I’m a tiny bit in love with this photo…which just happens to be 5ft tall and way out of my budget: 

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