Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ikea recap, and a good week on the internet

So, you can’t go to IKEA without buying something not on your list.  This lamp turned out very good looking in person.  

Hopefully, when I put it together it will be perpendicular to the floor (my #1 complaint about cheap lamps….).  The cord is fabric covered (all vintage-y) in black and white, which is key.  Also in brushed stainless with brass.  Overall it was a good trip…my friend and I are leisurely shoppers, and broke it up into 2nd floor vignettes, pause for soda and cinnamon rolls (and get Char from smalworld), hit first floor small goods…until cart fills up, check-out, then go back to where your cart maxed out and finish up J  So it took a long time, but was the least stressful/tired I’ve ever been in Ikea.  Not entirely sure I needed to buy new guest linens or 18 wineglasses, but I’m just gonna go with it.  And no worries, the Rast was secured.

I also went to the Ballard Designs outlet.  It is a lot of scratch and dent furniture and last year’s Christmas stuff…but the discounts weren’t that great.  It did have good light fixtures and sconces, with reasonable discounts.  The building has 2 other catalogue outlets—Grandin Road and Frontgate.  I usually throw those catalouges away, but we walked through.  Grandin Road was pretty good—the discounts were good, and about 30% of the stuff was worth taking home.  But Frontgate?  Frontgate makes me want to go door to door to McMansions and explain that there are (1) people who can helps those without good taste and (2) starving people.  Even at half off, that shit was so expensive and SO RANDOM.  And all the furniture was in weird McMansion scale.  My favorite was the tree skirt…metallic pink, and intricately beaded in white and black.  It was really lovely although certainly a little out there…not a “classic purchase”…and marked down to a mere $500.  For some reason, a tree skirt that might be used on one pink themed holiday for $500 was too much for me.  I’d drop $10K on a sofa, but this tree skirt was basically the equivalent of a gold plated toilet and I got all angry and crazy-eyed and we had to leave.

Are you up on crowd funding (google it, old ladies..or see here  I love Kickstarter, and am looking forward to my 3D doodler (pen that draws in solid plastic—awesome, right?) and a Brinca Dada circus set that teaches physics through old-school stunts..I also bought a children’s book at some point…..  I have regretted NOT “investing” in this new set of playing cards:
…it was so good, and for a certain level of investment, you got (a bunch of stuff PLUS) one un-cut sheet of cards.  Yeah, playing cards are printed on a big sheet and then cut.  How awesome is that?  But I’m less depressed about the missed opportunity than I was a few months ago—the kickstarter campaign was so successful that the guy has a website selling these cards and the other kickstarter investor swag. 

Anyhoo, Tom sent me this new crowdfunding site:  graphic tees .  I know, right?  Combine crowd funding and graphic tees…just add some champagne and call it my birthday, why don’t you.  While I’m not dying over any current offerings, the possibilities are endless.  An “Inpregnito” shirt, anyone?  (that is cool twitter-speak for secretly pregnant…Sharon hooked me up with that). 

Let’s be clear about one thing….I hate Occupy Wall Street.  I hate everything about it, from the dirty hippies to the lack of agenda to the idea of camping anywhere.  Plus, I don’t hate the top 1%....I want to be in the top 1%.  The top 1% isn’t even that big of a deal anymore (because 1% is a shit ton of people…the really rich people are the top 0.1%).  BBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT—these guys are AWESOME: Because debt is so cheap in the secondary market, these guys have bought up a TON of personal debt…and just forgave it.  Even nicer is that they focused on medical debt—mostly, b/c it is so cheap and (I’m assuming this was a motivator) rarely aggregated like mortgage debt, but it is also such depressing debt.  Nobody run out for boob jobs they can’t afford just yet—this is an overall drop in the bucket, and their primary goal is not to be Robin Hoods, but to raise awareness about the secondary debt market so who knows how much more they’ll buy. 

PLUS…save up your pennies:  The Costume Institute will be doing a huge show on Charles James next year when its space reopens. 
(Cecil Beaton photo, courtesy of Google)

After missing the DeKooning retrospective a few years ago due to being too cheap to fly to NY (shortly followed by NOT going to the Maharaja, The Splendors of India’s Great Kings b/c I was too lazy to drive to Richmond, VA), I have vowed to never miss an awesome museum exhibit again.  Apparently, people who spend money on experiences feel richer than people who spend their money on things….even WebMD says so.  How long does it take to drive from Indiana to NYC, while stopping every 2 hrs to feed an infant? Watch out Tara…..

Did anybody get fooled by the Samsung/Apple story ?  I did, but its fake.  But in my head I read the verdict as $1M…since it is $1B, it is admittedly ridiculous/impossible for Samsung to pay it in nickels.    Oh internet….I think my willing suspension of disbelief can be blamed on the fact that when I read it all I could think about was the poor attorneys who failed to put wire instructions in the text of the settlement….and how Apple would probably dump them, if not sue them….and then immediately taking a mental inventory of everything I’ve ever written to think whether I always say that a price will be paid in immediately available funds by wire transfer to X….and then just being happy I don’t write settlement agreements, which seem more likely to be nasty.  I need to lighten up.  

In other news, another Bailey McCarthy before and after:

If you haven’t seen her others, here is a link to her most popular before and afters (they are pretty good...):

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