Friday, December 6, 2013

More is More

Everything done in excess is always better.  Case in point:  balloons.  1 balloon is sad, but hundreds of balloons?

Awesome.  Other things good in bulk: paper lanterns, anything of the honey-comb tissue variety, ribbon and streamers.  

Charlotte's 5th Bday

And if I didn’t care about my pants size, Pillsbury Toaster Strudels. 

Which takes me to Thanksgiving, a holiday about excess.  Usually excessive carbohydrates, but this year we celebrated with a bulk order of garden roses from WholeBlossoms.  I used them when I did my friend’s wedding, and they also pulled through for turkey day:

I decided to branch out from my cardinal, no fail rule of one color, one flower and I added some mums and stock in the same hue.  I think it worked out….Yeah, I’m slowing getting some skills that I could transfer to a job that makes $10/hr.  Go me!  I used foam, and these amazing dishes  
so I didn’t have to worry about coordinating containers.  They are only a couple bucks, and the flowers can go straight to the table (New Yorkers can hit Jamali in NYC for this and better…can’t believe they stopped shipping).  Yes, this project probably ended up close to $200 at the end of the day but it was super fun (for me) and it served as a delightful dinner centerpiece, so I highly recommend excessive flowers for your next gathering.  Well, $200 won’t be that excessive….but I think it will hit the “posh” level.   

I’m turning my focus towards Valentine’s day, which will replace Char’s over the top b-day (baby problems).  She is thinking (a) some kind of movie night + pizza, and bringing in this catering company that mixes up ice cream and freezes it with a nitrogen tank in front of you…or (b) Lady Gaga themed dance party involving face painting or make-up artists from the MAC store (and plenty of wigs).  She thinks (b) would be even better with nitrogen ice cream, but I can only assume that a budget constraint will come up (I haven’t priced any of this yet….).  I wanted 100+ red mylar heart balloons, but with a national helium shortage that probably won’t happen….so what else to buy in bulk?  I’m not wasting garden roses on these kids.  (sidenote:  it’s 6:00 on Friday, and its snowing and 24 degrees….so stay tuned for next week when I will investigate this helium issue in more depth).

And b/c this post may have been a little too party for some……..
1.  You should watch Aziz Ansari on Netflix.  Fo’ real.
2.  I’m currently obsessed with hanging chairs.  You should be too:
Oh Happy Day


Design Lovers

but where to put them….
3.  A charming chandy from PBkids is on sale for $99   I think it has potential (I’m eyeing it for my bathroom):
4.  I really like this ad campaign:

Courtesy of Sleepy Jones (teachable moment:  painting a door high gloss black is always a good idea…particularly with those hollow-core doors….).
5.  569 people follow me on pinterest….and that includes only 3 of you.  Let’s get me to 570.
6.  When this horrible work project is over, I will make my blogger account beautiful and functional b/c I’m sure the formatting on these picture heavy emails gets wonky for some of you.  Sorry.  The blog will give me some control on formatting (I’m sure someone can control it in Outlook, but not me). 
7.  Say hello to Amy (our newest subscriber), everyone. 
8.   Drunk history.  It’s pretty good.
9.  If you know who Wes Anderson is, this is very good.  If not, it could be not-funny:   (ps—it was on SNL, so you may have seen it). 
10.  I almost forgot………get ready to have your mind blown:

I am not immune to clickbait, but every once in a while it pays off:  Scariest Airport Runways. This photo montage of the world’s scariest airport runways was surprisingly entertaining.  The beauty above is from St. Maarten, so consider the island if you want a  FUCKING TERRIFYING!!!!  beach vacation this winter.  

**top party images off of my Pinterest boards (here & here); middle balloon image from; honeycomb bells from old House Beautiful

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