Friday, November 22, 2013

Less than Fabulous Friday

Peeps.  Not a great Friday, as I’m totally underwater and now have a weird respiratory infection that is sweeping the town.  And lucky for me, I can’t take anything except Sudafed and Tylenol.  But it is comforting to know why I occasionally feel like someone is sitting on my chest.  Yesterday went something like:  “I’m 99% sure I’m not having a heart attack….but should I ignore being unable to take a deep breath?....what does WebMD say….’eh, I’ve got a call in 5 minutes so fuck it”.

I did have this piece to pass along: Goldiblocks.  The ad is 2 minutes, and pretty cute. 

On my oddly consistent theme of feeling old, check out the Huffington Post’s pick for 10 alternative candidates for the sexiest man alive (its Adam Levine this year, incase you’ve been avoiding the grocery store).  I knew 3 by name, and had seen a fo
urth.  What is your score? 
Did I already tell you that the much adored hollyhock/mudcloth sofa combo was from Jamie Meares?  I think it was published in Southern Living, but anyways Jamie has a nice store and blog 

Leading contender for nursery:  this delightful gender neutral wallpaper.
But, since this would be way easier to install myself (paste on wall method for all Cole & Sons, btw), I may “settle” for:

Samples are ordered, but are taking FOR EVER.

Peace out.  I’ve got a crocodile/super hero party at a bounce house on Sunday, and there is an apparent helium shortage which is cramping my balloon decor (wait until next week, when I draft my manifesto style rant on helium shortages).  Wish me luck.

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