Thursday, October 17, 2013

Digest No. 147

What’s up biz-atches?

Port-u-gal was sunny and Europe-y. 

And a pleasant time was had by all, even if the trip revealed that my children have no interest in shopping for anything besides candy. 

Good news (mom and Mary already saw):   A pleasant house tour.

And b/c Tara’s video share was the highlight of my week……I’m almost always the last to know….here are two “viral” stories that made me laugh: 

Also, when I discovered this, it was already described as a meme.  I hate being old.   Regardless,  Motivational Biden is my new fav facebook feed:


p.s.:  Ask yourselves this:  Did I put this awesomeness together because I love you, suffer from acute hubris, or suffer from a sad and desperate case of denial that I hate my job?  Or some mysterious combination of the three?

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