Friday, October 25, 2013


First, for Ta I thought I’d follow up last week’s B&W settee with another great upholstery job:

Via the rarely read by me damask & dentelle (good eye candy there; I never regret clicking over).  I can tell you that fabric above is part of Quadrille's China Seas collection.  So pricier than the Marimekko.  (Last minute btw:  Kate & Andy Spade’s oft published apt has an empire style settee in B&W ticking……..).

And on last week’s theme of memes, Char alerted me to an internet phenomenon on Monday:  What does the Fox Say?  Yes, it’s the first time my kid showed me an internet phenom…cue tear in the eye.  But if you watch the Today Show of Ellen, you probably caught wind of it.  HERE   If you haven’t seen any modern music videos, What does the Fox Say? might not be very funny.  But these brothers actually paid a huge production company (they do Rihanna and Katy Perry’s videos) to make a video to what might be the worst song ever…lyrically anyway, it is an effective earbug.  So, staring in my own music video is going on the list right after adult sized McDonald’s play place on my Powerball spending list.  I will probably be wearing something between lingerie and a circus costume—get excited.  (oh, so move the video down 2 spots on the list and move up the lipo and tucking).

At this point, my sad stalking of Little Green Notebook has hopefully worn off on you.  But if not, check out the most amazing Ikea PAX makeover ever. 
That is IKEA, people!!!  Click her link to where she lays down a little more detail (spoiler alert:  Zinser shellac primer works on glossy ikea laminate).  Seriously…. I don’t know how these bloggers do it…even blogging/DIYing full time.  She’s laying her own herringbone wood floors while doing the PAX makeover and shopping Craiglist effectively??  I can’t consistently fold laundry.  Maybe I’ll invite the next group of Mormon missionaries in for a chat…must be some secret meth-like energy drink we don’t know about. 

You should be reading APT with LSD on  Basically a rich social lite showing the homes of her awesome skinny friends.  They have good stuff.  But when I went to check out the latest installment, I saw this: 

Wow.  Vogue endorsed cat products.  I honestly did not think I’d see the day.  Check ‘em out here, cat ladies.

Oh, and did you know the #tbt stands for throw back Thursdays?  I had to google that after seeing it in Sharon’s instagram feed.  Since I had been ignoring it on my facebook feed.  People post really old photos and tag them tbt.  Yep, I had to google it.  But now half of you can laugh at me, and the other half won’t have to suffer that private humiliation.  Your welcome. 


PS—I think this deserves to be read every fall.  At least that is my fall internet tradition:

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