Friday, December 27, 2013

Animal Attraction

I’m starting to sense a genetic predisposition towards animal lamps among my kin….So, in anticipation of Tara’s pig lamps, I thought a round-up is in order. 


ebay, sold


This one is only $69, imagine that!

I really want those ibises up top.  I typically go to West Elm for good (priced) animal lighting, but they are empty now (except for some excellent horn inspired table lamps).  Ebay is your best bet at beating the above prices.

I think we all know that I am not an animal person.  Fur, drool, lack of conversation….the juice is just not worth the squeeze for me.  But continuing on the crazy theme…I seem to have a problem with animals portraits. 

Did you think sharks ruled the seas? Well, perhaps they rule the oceanic food chain but when it comes to shrewd business dealings - don't mess with the porpoise. This illustration serves as a gentle reminder to this fact. 

Also, animals in suits. Am I right?

(its really the product descriptions that kill me with Berkley illustration…if it looks familiar, Urban Outfitters recently licensed some of his images).

I love the Zoo Portraits, but they are a little outside my price range.  So I'll probably end up with Bill Murray filling the odd spot on my dining room gallery wall.  

Whether to spring for canvas, or just the print….

Society6 is a good place to scan for kooky prints.  Erin did a survey here.  

And, on a totally unrelated note, did a nice roundup of the year’s best wedding invites.  Short and sweet, but with a link to their gallery in case you have time to browse 

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