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So you guys may have thought there was some weird reference/disjointed writing in the last post, it was because I thought I had already hit publish on this one!  

But anyhoo, the 40s cowgirl costume appears to be based on the iconic work of Nudie Cohn.  I threw down a Nudie Cohn reference in my house and it was not picked up.  So on the chance that you are missing this piece of new world design, here you go.

Nudie Cohn, via Wikipedia:

Nuta Kotlyarenko, known professionally as Nudie Cohn (December 15, 1902 – May 9, 1984), was a Ukrainian-born American tailor who designed decorative rhinestone-covered suits, known popularly as "Nudie Suits", and other elaborate outfits for some of the most famous celebrities of his era.[1][2] He also became famous for his outrageous customized automobiles.

Nudie may have started out making undergarments for showgirls (and what tailor named Nudie wouldn't go there first?), but it is his suits are what he is remembered for.  Nudie's most famous suit is the $10,000 gold lame suit that Elvis donned for an album cover.

But the gold lame number is not exactly a "Nudie Suit".  Nudie Suits are the crazy embroidered and embellished numbers favored by country music stars.  Including the band The Burrito Brothers, who I have never heard of but by the time you read this I will be fully versed on their catalogue and history.  He started out with country music, and while he dabbled in other things in the 70s and 80s, country is what he did best.  He started making stage wear for country stars in the mid 40s, after moving to California.  (Oh, and I think he came up with putting giant bull horns on the front of your Cadillac).  

A sampling of Nudie Suits.

Patsy Cline

A dress for Patsy Cline

A dress for  Dale Evans on the Roy Rogers show

He did all of Robert Redford's clothes for the movie Electric Horseman.

Nudie Suits are pretty collectible.  After 1963, Nudie added a bolero to the girl on the label.  Buyer beware.

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