Monday, September 19, 2016

Life in Plastic

via Charlotte Olympia's Instagram Feed

So I don't know about your social media feeds, but Charlotte Olympia's #letsgobananas fashion show was lighting up mine.  As well it should--girls in sequin bathing suits, dancing with bananas. That's my kind of show.  But did you know, just weeks ago, the Charlotte Olympia Barbie dropped?  Along with her Barbie inspired foot wear.  Vogue coverage here.

I want this Barbie.  So.  Bad.  I'd be one of those weirdos who leave them in their box and just stare at it.  I priced it, thinking maybe Charlotte would want it and justify my purchase.  $125 from her site.  A little rich for Christmas.  Le sigh.

I mean, she has a tiny ceramic leopard!  It reminds me of the ceramic leopard I had to pass up while antiquing on vacation....I have a lot of non-purchase regrets.  I remember all of them.  But let's talk about the shoes.  While I consider most of her shoes too impractical for me, they remind me of my old shoe-buying self.

And in other news of my morning instagram wormhole, did you know there was a HUGE Barbie exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris?  It closed Sunday.  

There was a Barbie exhibit here in Indy at the Children's Museum a few years ago.  I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out marvelous--full of Jonathan Adler furniture and ghost chairs.  Plus, there were some pretty cool Barbies...which no one would stare at with me because of all the activities there were.  But if I thought the curation was good here....from what you can catch online this was mind blowing.

Malibu Ken and Malibu Barbie!  via

I really love the vignettes.

Where can I buy tiny gold chivari chairs for the girls Barbies?  Where?

Here is an excerpt from the Musee write up on the show:

Directly inspired by the German advertising doll Lili, Barbie was launched with her own mythology : born in Wisconsin, Barbara Millicent Roberts has a family and clearly identified friends, but her age has deliberately never been specified so that she can embody either an adolescent or a young woman. She successively has been a high school pupil, university student, nurse and airhostess before exercising more than 150 professions, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde. Barbie has been a vet several times, a palaeontologist, computer scientist, racing driver, schoolteacher, doctor, ballerina, policewoman, and even a presidential candidate four times and an astronaut before Neil Armstrong in 1965. Her ever-present boyfriend, Ken has become just as famous. Barbie is more than just a doll, she is a life.

P.S.:  if you missed it, we are about to embark on a new era of normal Barbies--they come "curvy", "petite", and "tall".  I assume they mean 2 types of fat and short legged.  But yay!


  1. I appreciate the idea of the new Barbie but do we really want chubby Barbies?
    She was so elegant - even in the early 60's she had a cool car. I can't remember why we don't her.....

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