Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I'm back!  And I learned something about myself while I was away.  I cannot juggle work, kids, [random other obligations], an epic circus party, and the blog.  And while I feel bad, I'm confident that we will never have another epic circus party.  Because that would be excessive.

photo by Giles Clement via @gilesclement Instagram (you should follow him)

I learned something else while I was gone.  My house was dirtier than I realized.  Specifically, my kitchen area.  I had to repaint the powder room because of yet another pocket door/drywall patch issue, and the trim had never really been finished....and it's in a weird area/miniscule hallway that is kind of all trim so I just kept going.  And then the next morning I did the kitchen trim and painted the wall behind the eating area/banquette.  And it was like an angelic choir descended on my kitchen.   Even though I hadn't even started cleaning and picking up (and I had painting supplies out) everything looked so amazingly clean.  So if you are ever in a funk, and things start to look dingy, paint your trim.  And even your walls if you need to.  It's pretty easy when you aren't changing colors, and it is a total do-over on years of neglected house work.

Also on the topic of washing away your sins--power washers.  They are totally worth buying and totally addictive.  The front of my house was filthy and I barely even realized it.   In the spirit of full disclosure, I just watched my brother power wash my stuff.  But he said it was easy, the worst being that the washer is loud and your pants and shoes get soaked and a little dirty).

This guys knows what I'm talking about!  Those pavers are C-L-E-A-N.

I'll be finishing all the half-baked posts I wrote during the radio silence (well, the good ones).  The circus photos should be available in a couple weeks, and I'll do a download then.   In the mean time, you should bust out your mason jar lids and make adorable little pies for Memorial Day.  There's time, trust me.  Great for a party, or a single serving of pie.

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