Sunday, March 27, 2016

Checking in


Hello darlings!  I've been traveling for work a lot, and I try not to blog on my work computer--against policy and all that (I carried two laptops once...never again).  I hope everyone who didn't have a great Purim had a great Easter.  We colored eggs and ate obscene amounts of chocolate, but otherwise it was business as usual.  At one time, I clearly thought I'd do a lunch/brunch-something  because we had a bunny made out of butter.  I love these things--Keller's Butter Sculptures.  You can Peapod them, I think.  I usually find one at Fresh Market and grab it (they sell out).

Also, we should discuss my new Etsy obsession:  A Secret Forest.  I discovered it looking for circus things, natch.

But she has amazing holiday offerings....

And some generally cool stuff.

AMAZEBALLS!!!   I now want to make edible art lollipops, but I'm telling myself to leave it to the pros.  Molten sugar is no joke.

I'm off to London this week (for my anniversary, yay!), but hopefully will be back on schedule soon to discuss the metaphysical differences between a carnival and a circus.  Until then, just remember

You are so beautiful.  (via)

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