Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Hope everyone rang in the new year with something festive.  We filled out these New Year's worksheets, and I listed hand lettering as the new skill I'm looking to try.  So maybe next year I'll really do some holiday cards justice.


Just a quick smattering from the web today.  Haven't seen much content that is blowing me away these days, but I didn't get as much web time in over break as I had wanted.

I missed the Atlanta Homes showhouse until now, but it is making me want to do something crazy to my walls.  You know, after all the cleaning and the spackling and the sanding.....

A Utah home tour on Cup of Jo.  I've always wanted to blow up my brother's pictures of Capri into wallpaper.

Another piece of Brooklyn Townhouse shelter-porn via Domaine.

A nice home tour on the neotraditionalist will make you wish you were rich, but hopefully also impart some chutzpah.  

Ahhhh, sunny modernism.  Just what I needed today.  From The Contemporist.

Some people are all like "beach bodies are earned in winter", but I'm all like "the cold makes me want baked goods."  If you are feeling ambitious, this is a nice lay explanation of pastry crust.

A nice new Ikea hack.  Draws!

And finally, Buzzfeed to the rescue:  The most 90s photos of Kate Moss.  

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  1. I love the sheets. With a January birthday, I always give myself a week to get my resolutions in order! Thanks!