Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cossacks, Coyotes and China

It finally got cold here last week and I want a giant fur hat.  Like Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago.

or that other lady in Dr. Zhivago

I have discovered that searching for "Russian" or "Cossack" fur hat pretty much works.

And to even out your Russian hat knowledge, this is a Ushanka.

Also this:

So the flaps.  It seems more closely linked to "cossack" searches in google's almighty algorithm.  Not sure if that is historically accurate.   If I did Sundance or skied, then maybe flaps would be OK....but this seems intense even for me.  This is the top of my crazy scale (so, not that crazy in fur hat world):

I guess in the 60s and 70s, Coyote hats were a big thing.  Someone want to fill me in on that?  The internet is crawling with vintage offerings.  Via 1st dibs:

What do I do?  Obviously, Russia is still making really nice ones, but the is not in my budget.  Sadly, ASOS is sold out.   You know who else has fur?  China.  Mostly rabbits, foxes and racoons, but they are giving it a go.  AliExpress ruled the google search results but was a little overpriced, and no returns...but Amazon Prime had this returnable option:

Mixed reviews, but it's a top contender since I'll have to wait for next year to shell out $300 and I'm feeling too lazy to put in the vintage effort.  I just have to make sure my head is not larger than 60 cm.

Unconvinced of the giant fur hat's timeless appeal?  Here is some fab fur hat action to help convert the unenlightened.


Temperley London via

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  1. Mari and I had fun hats in the mid to late 60's. Mine was white. To be fair, we were a little odd but they were cool. The bomber hats lined with fur can work but keep away from pets. Remember Walter and the fur bomber hat meets Lola. He still holds a grudge more than a decade later. You could totally rock a fur hat.